Brand: MeiKe

MeiKe MK950 speedlight for Canon released

Sitting alongside their earlier manual-only speedlight, the MK930, the MeiKe MK950 adds a range of features such as Canon E-TTL, an LCD screen and stroboscopic mode.

MeiKe MK930: Yongnuo YN-560 rival?

Hong Kong company MeiKe have introduced a new flash, the MK930. It offers electronic zoom, high voltage battery support, an optical slave, and power down to 1/128.

Yongnuo Wireless and Metz, MeiKe, Sigma flashes

At Photokina, MeiKe, Metz and Sigma have revealed several new basic speedlights. Yongnuo has officially announced its “revolutionary” 2.4GHz wireless TTL system, to be available in two months.