Broncolor releases new softboxes in the UK with “cost-effective” pricing

Bron has brought its latest series of softboxes to the UK, starting at £110.

Broncolor softboxes

Swiss lighting manufacturer Bron has brought its latest series of softboxes to the UK. The new line is supposedly “easier to construct and dismantle” thanks to colour-coded support rods, as well as featuring three layers of diffusion material.

Broncolor softboxes

Broncolor UK‘s Chris Burfoot said of the new softboxes: “Our engineers have fulfilled their brief to develop both an innovative and a competitively-priced range of light shapers for our photographer customers.

“The new, typically robust, bron Softboxes and Octaboxes are marketed in a total of nine different shapes and sizes, embracing square, rectangular and octagonal shapes, or as a strip – providing the optimum format options for any application.”

The cheapest of the new modifiers is the rectangular 35 by 60cm softbox, which costs £110 plus VAT. A 75cm octabox is £140 plus VAT. Prices go up from there, with the most dear being “The Biggest”, a £195 (£234 inc. VAT) 180 by 120cm softbox.

Thanks to interchangeable speedring adapters, the accessories can be mounted on most brands of studio lights. For full pricing information and a list of dealers and rental houses, visit

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