Link 800Ws to be Paul C Buff’s first TTL monolight

Much-delayed studio flash will be AC/DC powered and support high-speed sync and TTL control.

Paul C Buff Link

American lighting manufacturer Paul C Buff is working on a new 800Ws AC/DC monolight called the Link.

It will be the first Buff light with a battery built into the head, rather than relying on Vagabond-series inverters. Though the product release has been beset by delays, the company has released full technical specifications and pricing information.

There will be 800 joules of flash energy as well as an ‘800-watt equivalent’ daylight-balanced LED modelling lamp (the actual wattage isn’t given), powered either from a lithium-ion battery pack or a multi-voltage AC adapter. Manual power control provides adjustment from full (800Ws) to 1/256 power, in 1/10-stop increments.

An integrated CyberSync receiver allows control from existing Paul C Buff flash triggers, and the Link promises high-speed sync and TTL support (for Canon and Nikon) via a new ‘Hub’ remote. In high-speed sync mode, only full to 1/4 power are possible.

Apparently, the LED works either as a modelling lamp or a video light. As for the flash, recycle time at full output is 3.5 seconds, and the flash duration is 1/460 second (t.1). The battery provides 250 full power flashes, or 60 minutes of LED run time.

Universal voltage support (95–265VAC, 50/60Hz) means you can use the unit on mains power outside North America, though the Link may have limited international appeal due to its Balcar accessory mount—not commonly used outside the USA.

At 800Ws, the Link is more powerful—and at 3.4 kilograms, heavier—than other TTL studio flashes such as the Godox AD600 Pro, Orlit RT 610 or Profoto B10 Plus. The Link is half the price of the Profoto, comparable price to Godox and twice the price of Orlit options.

The Paul C Buff Link is currently priced $895.95 for the head with just the AC adapter. A $1195.95 kit will also include the battery, charger and Hub TTL trigger. Release date is to be confirmed. Visit the Paul C Buff web site for more information.

David Selby
David is a keen photographer and has been editor of Lighting Rumours since 2010. When not writing about lighting, he works as a data scientist at the University of Manchester, UK.