Cactus RF60 reviews published; V6 remote control revealed

Cactus's RF60/V6 flash system has remote power control for all kinds of cameras. Will it become standard?

Cactus RF60

There is a new flash coming from the Cactus Imaging folk: the RF60. I have to say, from the reviews I’ve read about it, this could fill a good niche. Especially for photographers who don’t use Canon or Nikon cameras and honestly, a step further towards industry standardization. Which I harped about quite a bit in my first article on

Cactus RF60

So this flash doesn’t have TTL or true HSS support. Okay. But you can use it with Pentax as well as Nikon and Canon cameras. As it uses a single pin for communication, you can probably use it with any camera with a standard hotshoe. The flash also has built-in radio and optical Master/Slave functionality.

Cactus RF60 and V5

Here are the more notable specs:

  • GN56
  • Power level adjustment from 1/128 – 1/1 in 1/3 stop increments.
  • Remote control of power and zoom levels (24-105mm).
  • Group control for up to 4 groups of flashes with configurable group aliases.
  • Compatible with Cactus V6/V5 Wireless Transceivers and LV5 Laser Trigger.
  • Multi-Flash feature.
  • USB for firmware upgrades.
  • Canon external power connector.
  • Quasi-HSS Mode with TTL flashes.

Some very respectable and interesting features. If you want some more details, check out Brian Hursey’s Photography blog. And if you want even more information, check out ‘Class A’ reviewer on the Pentax Forums.

Cactus RF60

Where it gets especially interesting is the coming V6 transmitter. The transmitter will be able to remote power control Canon, Pentax and Nikon compatible flashes. TTL pass-through will be available for Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax and Fujifilm from this single unit! Here are some other features:

  • Built-in Optical Trigger enabling pre-flash triggering.
  • Control for 4 groups.
  • Power adjustments in 1/10, 1/3 and ½ increments.
  • LoPower Mode for extremely short duration time.
  • Mini-USB for optional power supply and firmware updates.

Cactus V6

Yes, this is good.

I have to think that all the programming to make this all work must have taken a long time. But I think other manufacturers may start following suit. And eventually, a body of manufacturers will form to ‘officially’ create a protocol to move towards standardization. But this is a great first step.

You know for some shoots, I don’t need or want to bring my expensive flashes. And having the option of putting cheap flashes into my bag and still using my primary transmitter. Nice! Or if one of my flashes breaks and I need an emergency replacement quickly? My options just got a whole lot bigger.

With great features, compatibility, good build construction and a price that should be competitive with anything out on the market. We may have a new player in the field.

And I love the Group Alias functionality! Does anyone else do this?

Pictures courtesy of Class A, Pentax Forums

Ricardo Gomez
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