Cactus V6 II flash trigger adds inter-brand HSS

The new Cactus V6 II radio trigger lets you use a camera from one brand and a flash from another โ€” and keep high-speed sync!

Cactus V6 IIs

Hong Kong based manufacturer Cactus Image has introduced the Cactus V6 II, a new version of the already-popular V6 wireless flash triggers, now with cross-brand high speed sync (HSS).

The Cactus V6 II is the first trigger that lets photographers control flashes from different brands while retaining HSS functionality. For instance, now it is possible for a Canon camera to trigger a Nikon Speedlight while using FP-Sync (HSS) and being still able to remotely adjust the power of the flash. And the best thing is you are not only limited to Canon or Nikon!

The V6 II transceivers support HSS with Canon, Nikon, Sony (with different hot shoe), Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax and Fujifilm cameras, although some minor limitations do apply. This a rather impressive list, and most surprising is that Fujifilm is included, although Fujifilm has not implemented a working HSS function on their cameras. The V6 II triggers are able to provide HSS support for Fujifilm cameras even though the camera doesn’t support it self yet. A different trigger will be sold for Sony cameras, named the V6 IIs, which features the latest Multi Interface hotshoe.


Besides the added functionality of HSS, Cactus also has implemented a AF assist mode on the trigger itself. Unfortunately for most mirrorless users, this AF assist mode only works on DSLRs. There is also good news for Cactus RF60 users. Those flashes have received a firmware update that gives them HSS functionality when it is used together with a V6 II trigger.

Almost all original functionality that was found on the original V6, such as the remote power adjustment and the zoom adjustment can now also be found on the new V6 II triggers. The support for older non-digital TTL flashes has been removed, meaning that the power onย older speedlites such as the Nikon SB-28 cannot be changed remotely anymore.

What do you think of the new V6 II triggers? Will you be buying some? Let us know in the comments!

  • I’m a Fuji shooter, so these definitely have my interest. It looks like they may control the Godox flashes I’m interested in, and if that is truly the case, getting that functionality from those flashes on a Fuji could make this a must have trigger setup.

    • Joanne Ligthelm

      i got mine through yesterday ! they do work you have to go through a learn HSS but managed to sync up to 4000th i have one one my fuji and one on my godox ad360 although as it is a mk1ad360 i dont think i can control the flash power with the catus units

      • wow, the mk1 I didn’t realize had hss to begin with. thanks. bummer about the flash power. that confirmed that you haven’t been able to do it?

    • Banu Manubawa

      i am interested in this trigger but i heard it does not work with x-e2. can someone confirm this?

      • Class A

        Yes, the V6II does not work with the X-E2.

    • Chris

      I’m with you. If I can trigger my godox 860ii’s with the v6 I’ll defo stump up for a set.

      • Chris

        Forgot to mention I’m using an X-T1!

        • Grant

          ive tried using it with my XT2 and Godox 860ii and it does not work ๐Ÿ™ cant even get the flashes to trigger, have to use the trigger that came with the godox but that cant do HSS

  • Will Prentice

    I’ve had mine for awhile now and have been able to use HSS with Metz flashes (Canon, Nikon, Sony) with a 6D, D810 and A7 all the way to 1/8000s. Plus an X-Pro2 with the RF60. Awesome system.
    And when I paired these with my new broncolor Siros L, I had Hypersync up to 1/8000s. I’m amazed how well these work but I was a big fan of V5 and V6 anyways. Cactus is continuing to put PW out of the market at this rate.

  • Paul

    I have both the original V6 and the V6II. I like them both for very different reasons.
    I predominantly shoot with old-school kit (Nikon SB80DX with Fuji XPro2 cameras) as for most of my work I don’t need HSS. I was excited to see HSS compatibility coming with the V6II, as there are times when I can find it useful, so I bought the V6II and a couple of RF60 flashguns. The V6II took a while to set up to get working properly but now it is, all is good and I have plenty of versatility with my kit to shoot just about anything…. my only disappointment is the fact there is no backwards compatibility with my older V6 transceivers. It would have been extremely useful for the V6II to be able to control the V6 even if I didn’t need the HSS at that time. I even considered sending the V6II and RF60s back when I discovered that the V6II didn’t talk to the V6… Even though the kit works great and is reasonable value I still feel a little robbed… I do hope the promised firmware update does come for the V6 to allow for Power Sync triggering, at least then I will feel I have some decent reason for investing in the V6II…

    • Tomas

      I fully agree with you about V6 and V6II compatibility. I am still waiting for new firmware release and then I may purchase. Otherwise I would feel robbed as well. I am opareting meanwile Power Sync with V6 only and introducing 1ms delay, it has some limitations, the power need to be setup very high 1/4,1/2 or 1/1 (longer time of light). I am not interested in HSS too much.

  • Chris

    Mine are in the post. I’ll let you all know how they work with X-T1 and godox 860II next week.