CamsFormer — a new all-in-one camera trigger

CamsFormer is a new DSLR tethering, high-speed trigger, time-lapse, lightning trigger multi-tool. It is currently seeking funds on Kickstarter.


At LightingRumours we have seen quite a few high speed triggers, but none of them has the features that the CamsFormer is promising you. CamsFormer is a new DSLR tethering, high-speed trigger, time-lapse, lightning trigger multi-tool. In essence, it wants to be an all in one device that is able to provide you with all the functionality you needed to trigger your camera, including flash triggering. What is unique about the CamsFormer is that all these features are included in one single device, which are:

  • Controlled using your smart phone, tablet, computer
  • 4 channel high speed DSLR camera/flash triggering
  • Built in sensors (light, laser, lightning, sound, infra-red motion)
  • Wild life trigger trap
  • Wireless motorized 3-axis motion control for pan/tilt/zoom
  • Timelapse, bulb ramping, intervalometer, HDR
  • Wireless camera tethering
  • Wireless live view monitor of camera view finder from app
  • Browse/upload/delete files on camera wirelessly from app
  • Auto wireless photo upload/backup to app during shooting
  • Infinity mode – shoot forever without running out of camera memory
  • Experimental follow mode, automatically pan/tilt camera to follow you
  • In app image editing with over 150 image enhancement effects
  • Scripting language for photographers lets you add new features

Installation of the CamsFormer is as simple as plugging it in your camera’s USB port and top australian casino installing an app on your mobile device. As with other high speed triggers that are available, once the device is connected to your camera, you can control it using your smartphone or tablet. At the moment iOS is supported, but Android is planned.


The CamsFormer is announced in a Kickstarter project. The men behind the product, Nigel and Clive Smith, wished to crowdfound $7,000 in order to start the production. They certainly managed with that, with still 11 days to go they already collected $54,765. For $189 you can pre-order a CamsFormer for yourself, expected to ship in June this year. For more information and to order one, check out their Kickstarter page.