Canon announces Macro Twin-Lite MT-26EX-RT flash

Canon has added radio control, faster recycling and improved power control to its macro twin flash.

Canon has announced a new flash for macro photography. The new MT-26EX-RT is the successor to the MT-24EX. As can be expected, the new flash features some of Canon’s newest technology when it comes to Speedlites. In addition to TTL and HSS, which has been inherited from the older version, the newer flash supports Canon’s RT protocol, meaning that you can trigger other RT-compatible speedlights via radio signal.

Besides this the focusing lamp has been increased in brightness and now recycling of the capacitor results in a less high-pitched noise. Control over the flash also has been improved: previously, the minimum power of the MT-24EX was 1/64— now this is as low as 1/512. Improvements do not stop here: recycling time at maximum power also has been reduced from 7 to 5.5 seconds while the maximum power has been increased from 22 to 26 m.

The new Canon Macro Twin-Lite MT-26EX-RT Flash is scheduled to be available November 2017, for an estimated retail price of $989.99. Pre-order now at Adorama or B&H Photo.