CheetahStand: we won’t sell any more Godox flashes this year

US seller CheetahStand won't restock photography lights until 2018, and might move away from only Godox-made flashes.

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CheetahStand, the US lighting supplier, has announced it will not sell any more photography flashes this year. The Cheetah Light CL-200X, CL-600X, CL-360X and V860X — equivalent to the Godox Witstro AD200, AD600, AD360II and V860 II, respectively — will not be restocked until 2018.

In addition, the company has announced it will be releasing “new products” in 2018, not all of them made by Godox. CheetahStand’s Edward Tang said that they are currently choosing manufacturers.

When asked what sorts of new lights we might expect to see, Mr Tang said that he couldn’t give any details because they hadn’t actually decided which one to go with yet — but it won’t be like anything the market has already seen announced by other brand.

“Some may be from Godox, some may be from other manufacturers. We are testing and evaluating options to determine which products will be best for our customers,” CheetahStand said on its web site. “We will make an announcement when the evaluation is complete”.

In the meantime, the firm is focusing on light modifiers. A “killer softbox” is coming around Christmas — details coming soon. The new orange-coloured flash tubes are also set to be discontinued.

The Godox AD600 has been criticised for its low impact resistance and difficulty to repair. It is expected that the new Godox Pro-AD600, due for release before the end of 2017, may fix some of the problems with the existing design.

David Selby
Based in the West Midlands, UK, David Selby is editor of Lighting Rumours, a part-time photographer and a statistics PhD student.
  • alberto cabrera

    oh wow! I bought a lot of lights from Edward. But I guess I can see why. Adorama kills Cheetah Stand in price when it comes to the rebranded Godox lights. I remember him posting a rant about Adorama on Facebook a couple of years ago.

    Whatever his new line of flashes will be, I am positive its going to be great.

  • Earle

    Interestingly enough, there’s been no mention of this from Edward elsewhere. I’m not sure what line he could pick up as a replacement. Hopefully it’ll all work out for the best. Edward has an impeccable way of following up with customer service.

  • Series

    Good luck to him but I’m not seeing how this’ll change things in the long run, the current model of reselling Chinese gear favours whoever has the deepest pockets and if you’re getting the same product for less why consider other companies?

    • Earle

      Because in some areas the cheapest price comes with zero customer support (admittedly that’s not the case with Adorama) and lesser quality control.