CheetahStand confirms Cheetah Light CL-360 bare-bulb flash

A more powerful Cheetah Light, the CL-360, has got the "green light" and should start production soon, CheetahStand has announced.

Godox Witstro AD360

A more powerful Cheetah Light, the CL-360, has got the “green light” and should start production soon, CheetahStand has announced. Writing on an online photography forum, company founder Edward Tang revealed that the future model — double the power of the Cheetah Light CL-180 — “should start production on or before the end of March”.

Godox Witstro AD360

The Cheetah Light, internationally known as the Godox Witstro, is a portable bare-bulb flashgun, in some ways a modern reincarnation of the long-discontinued Sunpak 120J. To find out more about the system, read our recently-published CL-180 hands-on review.

Tang also said that more varieties of power cord are on the way, and a much-needed protective cap for the Cheetah Light’s flash tube is “in production”.

The existing Cheetah Light CL-180, starting at $400 per head, is available directly from, based in Dallas, Texas. The higher-specced Cheetah Light CL-360 will come from there too but neither price nor release date has been set. The Godox Witstro AD360 (the OEM name for the CL-360; pictured) has yet to be listed online.

Update 2013/04/27: CheetahStand says pre-orders for the CL-360 will open at the end of May.

David Selby
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