Latest CheetahStand products: Colt 45, RiceBowl, Dim Sum

CheetahStand has introduced a range of interesting light modifiers including the RiceBowl softbox, Colt 45 reflector and Dim Sum Plate beauty dish accessory.

CheetahStand RiceBowl RB-120

CheetahStand has introduced a slew of new studio lighting products with quirky names over the past few months.

The Colt 45 is a “high performance” Bowens S-fit reflector, so named because it provides a 45° beam angle for “maximum light intensity”. It retails for $129.95 (or under $99 with some daily deals).

CheetahStand Colt 45

The RiceBowl series of deep parabolic softboxes comprises the RB-90, RB-120 and RB-150 models, which are 90cm, 120cm and 150cm (36″, 48″ and 60″) in diameter, respectively. CheetahStand says:

“The RiceBowl deep para softbox provides beautiful wraparound light and are built for commercial, beauty, and fashion photographers. Build quality is made for long lasting use at a price that won’t leave you eating Ramen Noodles for months.”

CheetahStand RiceBowl RB-120

Each RiceBowl comes with inner and outer diffusers and a grid. Prices start at $190 for the RB-90 version. An optional Dim Sum Plate reflector attachment turns the softbox into a beauty dish type modifier.

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