Cokin announce new Photogels

Cokin introduce a brand-new range of lighting filters for photography, PHOTOGELS. Press release inside.

Cokin Photogels - Lighting filters for creative photography
Picture by Cokin

Press release: The COKIN story is first and foremost the story of a man, its founder Jean Coquin, a renowned French photographer who worked for the best-known luxury brands. It is also the story of a team who has never ceased to keep this vision alive, always anticipating the desires of photographers and videographers around the world with numerous innovations.

COKIN has always tried to mix science of colours and lighting techniques. Easy to use, COKIN products are also extraordinary tools for creative people. The creation of COKIN’s own range of gel filters is the outcome of years of research and development.

Today, COKIN is one of the few filter manufacturers to offer a complete range of lighting filters for photography, video, tv and film industries and is proud to announce PHOTOGELS®.

The whole PHOTOGEL manufacturing process is subject to stringent quality control, ensuring both high optical quality and perfect colour consistency.

The remarkable optical transmission of our gel filters allows them to be used not only in digital or film-based photography, but also in motion picture film and high-definition video (HD). Now, professional, expert or amateur photographers alike can benefit from COKIN’s renowned know-how and 40 years experience in optics.

Photogels Flash! by Cokin
Picture by Cokin

Photogels Flash! by Cokin

Flashguns are made for mobility, as wireless strobe sync systems offer new ways of shooting outdoor, indoor or in small studios. That’s the reason why COKIN has decided to bring its experience to this new generation of photographers by developing a range of mini Photogels: Flash! Designed to fit most flashguns on the market, these flash gel filters have been developped with no compromise on quality. The manufacturing techniques and quality control are the same for all COKIN lighting filters – including Flash! – ensuring high performance, reliability and longevity.

  • Photogel sheets:
  • Cut to size, PHOTOGEL sheets help to facilitate the practice of producing images. With Photogels, the use of gel filters becomes swift, simple, and effective. PHOTOGEL sheets are available in packs or as individual sheets.

  • Sheet packs:
  • The sheets are packed in three kits of 12 filters each : correction, diffusion and colour effect. Available in two different sizes : 24x30cm (10”x12”) or 50x60cm (21”x24”).

  • Individual sheets:
  • For the photographer with more specific needs. Available in the larger size (50x60cm or 21×24”) in any of the colours in our full lighting filter range of over 250 different colours and effects.

    Swatch books are available giving a small sample of each gel together with a description of its effect and its transmission curve.

  • Flash gels are available in kits of 12x5cm – 5”x 2” sheets.

Download the Cokin Photogels 2010 Guide (1.64MB pdf)

Available at the end of July 2010.

David Selby
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