Thin, light LED Power Panel is ‘future’ of photo & video lighting

ColorRight's Power Panel is trying to reinvent LED lighting with 'revolutionary' new technology.

ColorRight Power Panel

Currently most LED panels on the market use a matrix of diodes to achieve a large, bright light source. Each individual LED is small and specular, only achieving softness in combination with all the others on the panel. Large numbers of diodes means the weight of a big panel can quickly increase, as well as the costs.

What if there was another way? The Power Panel from ColorRight, successfully funded on Indiegogo, is trying to reinvent the LED panel to be “thinner and lighter with more power” than anything on the market today.

ColorRight Power Panel

Instead of having a array of LEDs, the Power Panel uses ColorRight’s so-called LEDNatural technology, which enables the light to be lighter and much thinner compared to conventional panels. According to the manufacturer, this approach should provide softer light, better battery life and lower weight.

How does it work? Like edge-lit backlights found in monitors, it consists of several LEDs surrounding an acrylic transmission layer. The LEDs cast their light inwards and the acrylic layer diffuses it out towards the subject. Some light will be absorbed, but since a lower number of LEDs are needed per square cm, more efficient and more expensive LEDs can be used. The specifications of the Power Panel claim 6000 lumens at an CRI of over 90 and a colour temperature of 5600K.

Power Panel cross section

Unfortunately it is too late to support the project, but if you are in for a lighter photo/video lighting kit it could be something to watch for when they are shipping. The Power Panel’s initial Indiegogo said January as expected shipping date, but in their second Indiegogo this was March already.

Are ColorRight too bold to call it “the future” of video lighting? Or can you see yourself soon using something like it? Share your thoughts below.