CotswoldPhoto introduces Hobo Lighting Battery Pack

A new pure sine wave inverter from CotswoldPhoto, the Hobo Lighting 300W 240VAC Studio Strobe Battery Pack.

Hobo Lighting Studio Strobe Battery Pack CAD picture
Hobo Lighting Studio Strobe Battery Pack CAD render
Picture by CotswoldPhoto
Hobo Lighting Studio Strobe Battery Pack CAD render
Picture by CotswoldPhoto

UK-based eBay seller CotswoldPhoto has revealed one of the first products in a new “Hobo Lighting” line of studio equipment. The Hobo Lighting 300W 240VAC Studio Strobe Battery Pack will power AC monolights (like a Vagabond or Tronix Explorer) and has the following specifications:

  • 100-260V AC input with IEC320 3 pin socket
  • 2 x 240V 50Hz AC output sockets (same as on UPS’s)
  • Built in ground fault circuit interrupter
  • SLOW/OFF/FAST output switch
  • Low Battery warning (buzzer)
  • Auto low battery shut off (prevents battery over-discharge)
  • Auto Power down
  • Battery reversed polarity connection protection shut off
  • Over-heating protection
  • Over-loading protection
  • Output short circuit protection
  • Battery over-charge protection
  • 300W continuous Pure Sine Wave output, 600W peak surge
  • 1.5W Trickle Charge system, with solar panel (best advised to leave on charge, but this way no power bill!)
  • Padded carry bag, features straps to fix to lightstand, carry rucksack style straps, and shoulder and hand straps.
  • Easy access (and easy to replace) 12V 20Ah Gel AGM VRLA battery (ROHS Compliant). Much better than standard SLA batteries for this type of use.
  • Terminals for emergency external battery use (with leads supplied)
  • System weight, excluding backup power leads, but including pack, approximately 7kgs – 15.5lbs

Trevor from CotswoldPhoto says:

The price will be about £249 inclusive of courier delivery and VAT, (equivalent to £199 [approx $299] plus delivery and VAT).

No external earth spike. Not needed. The battery has been upgraded to a higher spec (GEL AGM) which is safer to carry, lighter and gives a better power burst. The specification is very similar to those used on the latest motorbikes, such as used by BMW.

The pack is designed to provide screwless (other than to remove the power leads) access to remove and change the battery pack (the battery has finger holds to pull it up and out of the pack). The spare batteries will retail for about £49 including delivery and VAT.

The front panel shown will also have the quick access fuse. The orange part in the images will actually be a yellow colour (sort of like JCB yellow).

There is also included a trickle solar charger. This is because the set MUST be left charging and to leave it attached to the mains is not environmentally friendly. It will charge when cloudy or even in a lit room. The set must be should be topped up/re-charged first, then the trickle charger used to keep the charge. It (the solar panel) has little suction cups to stick to a window if required.

The project is said to be “well underway” but there is no release date yet.

David Selby
David is a keen photographer and has been editor of Lighting Rumours since 2010. When not writing about lighting, he works as a data scientist at the University of Manchester, UK.