Cullmann FR60 flash has TTL and integrated radio

The Cullmann FR60 flash has TTL, high-speed sync and built-in 2.4GHz radio triggering.

Cullman FR60

Cullmann has announced a new radio-enabled TTL flash. The Cullmann FR60 is a shoe-mount flash for Canon, Nikon and Sony cameras, boasting a high guide number of 60 and integrated radio remote control, with an operating range up to 100 metres.

Cullmann FR60

You can trigger and remotely adjust the Cullmann FR60 using either another FR60, or Cullmann’s CUlight Radio Transmitter 500 series of 2.4GHz flash triggers (which are Godox X1 rebrands). The transmitters are £100 and receivers—to add non-radio TTL flashes into your system—cost £74.99. You have the choice of five wireless groups, whose settings and power levels may be adjusted independently.

Cullman Radio Remote Trigger 500

The FR60 flash itself offers high-speed sync up to 1/8000 second, a 20–200mm zoom head, an external power socket to support high-voltage battery packs and a multi-flash (stroboscopic) mode for creative effects. The head rotates horizontally 360° and tilts vertically from -7° down to 90° straight up.

Cullman FR60

The Cullmann FR60 is available now for £249.99 including VAT. Visit for a list of dealers. For more information, visit the Cullmann product page.

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