Deal alert: Westcott Apollo 50-inch softbox price drop

Westcott have a sale on their 50" Mega Apollo folding softbox, reducing the price by almost a third.

Westcott Apollo 50-inch softbox

Westcott have a sale on their 50″ Mega Apollo folding softbox in the USA. The modifier – the largest in the Apollo range – has been reduced from $249.90 to $169.90 – a saving of 32%.

Thanks to its umbrella folding design, no speedring is needed to mount this softbox to your lights, allowing it to be used with hotshoe flashes and studio lamps alike. For full product specifications, visit the Westcott web page. Unlike the smaller models in the series, there don’t seem to be any off-brand copies of the Mega Apollo yet.

Westcott Apollo 50-inch softbox

It’s not specified when this promotion will end but we are told it “should be good for the next few months”. The Mega Apollo is on sale at Adorama and other dealers.

David Selby
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