How to upgrade your Godox Witstro flash with DIY colour gels

Make your own colour-correction filters for your Godox Witstro AD180/AD360 bare-bulb flash with this simple tutorial.

I bought a couple of Godox AD360 flashes to review along with most of the Witstro accessories. Most are great, but I found the colour filters could be improved upon. Specifically, I wanted proper colour balance filters for tungsten lighting, and more saturated colours for creative effects. Couldn’t find anything on the market so I made my own. On the left is Godox’s blue filter, and on the right are mine, which are doubled-up for stronger colour.


Here’s how I made them.

First, we’ll make them for the standard reflector that’s included with the flash. I found out that a standard CD/DVD is the right size and makes a perfect template. A Godox diffusion disk as supplied with the flash keeps them in place.


Coloured gels are available for video lighting. They may mention heat resistance, which is worth getting but isn’t as important with a flash. Colour choice is up to you, but I recommend full and half CTO gels to balance for tungsten light, a sunlight yellow, a deep blue and red. You might want a green gel to balance neon light too. I bought mine on eBay. Lee and Rosco make the best gels apparently.

I also wanted a softer light than the standard reflector creates, so I made a ring of colour gel that fits both the multi-function softbox and the Godox beauty dish. I used a paper cutter for straight edges. I store the colour gel rings around the flash.

Shown here without the deflection dish for the flash bulb;


And with the Godox beauty dish with a tape measure for size; I had a bit of overlap to keep it in place.



I cello-taped the ring together with minimal overlap with a strip of tape on each side. Getting a tight fit takes a bit of trial and error.


So very simple! Hope this helps you get more from your Godox Witstro flash. Or your Lencarta, Interfit, Neewer, Calumet etc… Check out my Godox AD360 flash review here to find more tips about them.

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