Dynalite Baja battery monolight is “a better portable flash solution”

Dynalite has released a new 400Ws portable wireless flash called the Baja B4, featuring a lithium-ion battery and 2.4GHz triggering.

Dynalite Baja

Dynalite has released a new portable wireless flash called the Baja B4. Packing a 400Ws flash, a replaceable lithium ion battery, a plug-in 2.4GHz receiver and a full-sized S-mount, the Dynalite Baja was designed after “years of working side-by-side with on-location shooters demanding a better portable flash solution”.

Dynalite Baja

As we predicted, it is a rebranded Rime Lite i4.


  • 400Ws flash tube
  • User-replaceable lithium ion battery supporting up to 550 full-power flashes
  • LED modelling light
  • 6-stop power range, adjustable with 1/10-stop precision
  • LED control panel
  • Flash duration from 1/500 to 1/12,800 second
  • “T-Mode” for faster flash durations
  • “C-Mode” for stroboscopic effects (5/10/15 Hz)
  • 16-channel 2.4GHz transceiver, supports 1/250 second sync, up to 590 feet away
  • Bowens S accessory mount

This Korean-made light should satisfy somebody looking for a location lighting solution with a good amount of control and the versatility of being able to fit a wide range of light modifiers. It doesn’t have fancy features like HSS or TTL, but the handle on the top and removable battery should make it very convenient for road warriors.

Pricing hasn’t been announced yet. For more information, visit Dynalite.com.


David Selby
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