Dynalite teases new product — Rime Lite i-series coming to USA?

Dynalite has posted a teaser for an upcoming new light, likely a battery-powered location monobloc.

Dynalite teaser

Dynalite, the American studio lighting company, has posted a teaser on Twitter and on their web site for an upcoming new product.

No details are given and the branding is covered up. Even so, this is certainly a Rime Lite i-series flash with removable lithium battery, probably the i4. I know a flash when I see one.

The Rime Lite i2, i4 and i6 are self-contained monolights designed for location photography, with a form factor similar to the Profoto B1, Nicefoto N-Flash or Priolite MBX-500 heads.

Rime Lite i4 battery compartment

Dynalite became the official US distributors of Rime Lite products in 2011, though they don’t seem to have done much to push anything in the Korean manufacturer’s catalogue besides their Grand softboxes so far. It is possible that they will market the Rime Lite i2/i4/i6 under their own brand, like they have done with the Godox Leadpower battery inverter. The teaser on the web site is entitled “bajabanner.jpg”, which might be linked to the product name. (Battery jack?)

For more information on the i-series (since Dynalite is being coy) visit the Rime Lite web site.

David Selby
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