Einstein PocketWizard fix on the way

Paul C Buff Einstein monolight power supplies may cause issues with PocketWizards. A fix to the problem "should be available mid-August".

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Paul C Buff, Inc. has acknowledged a problem which can occur when using their Einstein monolights with PocketWizard radio triggers. A fix is coming in a couple of months.

We have discovered some issues where Pocket Wizards suffer poor firing range when directly connected to current version Einstein 640 models. This is caused by the radiation of a degree of Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) from the Einstein power supply in the Pocket Wizard operating band. We have found and corrected the sources of offending EMI and are in the process of re-drafting the Einstein power supply circuitry to eliminate this issue. The rework should become available mid-August.

Once these changes are implemented, all Einstein buyers will qualify for a free upgrade to this improved power supply.

The company also recommends a workaround using CyberSyncs and PocketWizards in relay. Read more here.

David Selby
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