Elinchrom announce three zooming flash heads

Elinchrom have announced three new "Zoom" flash heads for their mains power packs, the Zoom Action, Zoom Pro and Zoom Pro HD.

Elinchrom Zoom Pro HD flash head

Elinchrom have announced three new flash heads – the Zoom Action, Zoom Pro and Zoom Pro HD – for their mains power packs.

Elinchrom Zoom Pro HD flash head

All three heads are rated up to 3000J and compatible with every Elinchrom mains pack manufactured since 1981. The standard modelling lamp is 300W (and needs to be switched over if moving between different voltage packs). Aesthetically, the Zoom heads are nearly identical, but there are performance-related differences to be found in the electronics.

The Zoom Pro is an all-round head, capable of up to twenty 3000J pops in a row before needing to cool down. The Zoom Action – with a twin-pole tube - has 40-45% faster flash durations while managing the same number of serial full power shots as the Zoom Pro. For heavy use – e.g. photographing catalogues – the Zoom Pro HD is as fast as the Zoom Pro, but designed to stand serious shooting, capable of a whopping fifty 3000J pops in a row.

The zooming mechanism goes from “Wide” to “Hot Spot”, and according to the manufacturer provides the following angles of illumination with different reflectors:

Reflector Hot Spot Wide
Bare tube 80° 80°
18cm reflector 60° 74°
21cm reflector 52° 63°
26cm reflector 42° 53°


Elinchrom Zoom

All three heads are expected to be on shelves in September or October this year, but prices have not yet been released. For more information, including a list of distributors, visit the Elinchrom web site.

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