Elinchrom announces ELC Pro HD high-speed flash heads

Elinchrom has launched a new range of Swiss-made professional studio monolights.

Elinchrom ELC Pro HD

Elinchrom has launched a new range of Swiss-made studio monolights. The ELC Pro HD series are designed to offer quick recycle times, fast flash durations and consistent output, with a full assortment of features for the discerning professional.

There will be two models, the ELC 500 (500J) and ELC 1000 (1000J). Both are assembled in Switzerland, have an eight-stop power range and a host of advanced triggering functions including stroboscopic, delay and sequential firing modes. They support the full complement of Elinchrom light modifiers.

Company president Chris Whittle said: “We set out to make a unit that would not only change the way a photographer works but also the way that they think. We believe the ELC combines everything a photographer needs with everything a photographer wants, plus the consistency and reliability that you expect from Elinchrom.”

Elinchrom ELC Pro HD

At full power, the ELC 500 and ELC 1000 recycle in 0.6s and 1.2s, respectively. Their quickest flash durations (t0.5) are 1/5000s and 1/5260s (or 1/1430s at full power). Like all new Elinchrom lights, a Skyport radio receiver is built-in, supporting remote power control and flash triggering up to 1/320 second. Direct control is provided through an OLED display on the rear of the light.

Elinchrom ELC Pro HD OLED

Using the sequential firing mode, you can link up to 20 ELC lights together and fire one per shot, effectively letting you shoot at up to 20 fps at full power, assuming you can afford that many heads. Delayed shooting mode effectively gives your camera rear-curtain sync support when your trigger doesn’t support it, and strobo mode can be used for creative effects.

The units are fan-cooled, with an intelligent system that speeds up or slows down the fan based on the temperature. You can run them from the mains all over the world thanks to universal voltage support.

For more information, visit the Elinchrom product page or contact your nearest dealer.

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David Selby
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