New Elinchrom Deep Umbrellas offer ‘unsurpassed quality’

Elinchrom's 16-sided Deep Umbrellas come in white or silver and can be turned into softboxes.

Elinchrom 125cm Silver Deep Umbrella

Elinchrom has introduced a new line of Deep Umbrellas. They are 16-sided brollies with 7mm shafts, fibreglass rods and a “perfectly circular” (hexadecagonal) shape.

Elinchrom 125cm Silver Deep Umbrella

Two sizes will be available: 105cm and 125cm, in reflective silver, reflective white or translucent white variants. Optional covers will let you turn either kind into a brolly box.

Elinchrom Deep Umbrella with reflective cover

Prices range from £95 for the 105cm Umbrella Deep Translucent to £150 for the 125cm Umbrella Deep Silver. Translucent diffusers are £35–40 and silver reflective covers are £45–50.

Elinchrom Deep Umbrella with translucent cover

Elinchrom has also brought out some accessory cases: bags for grids at £35 and hard-shell cases for triggers, at £25. Prices include VAT.

Visit the Elinchrom web site or The Flash Centre for more information.

David Selby
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