Elinchrom adds 4 new Litemotiv Indirect softboxes

Elinchrom has announced the Litemotiv Indirect Octa, Square, Recta and Strip softboxes, with new heat-resistant, more efficient material.

Elinchrom Litemotiv Indirect Octa

Elinchrom is relaunching four indirect light banks as part of the new Litemotiv softbox series. The Litemotiv Octa (190cm), Square (145cm), Recta (72×175cm) and Strip (33×175cm) all use the new Litemotiv fabric, which is claimed to be 30% more efficient, heat resistant and more durable. A “unique folding system” allows quick set-up on location.

Elinchrom Indirect Litemotiv

An “indirect” light bank has the lamp head mounted facing backwards, so that the light reflects off the back surface and evenly fills the softbox. This means the light modifier, rather than the head, is mounted to the light stand, and the head only has to support its own weight — handy if you are using more portable, weaker light heads such as the Quadra ELB.

Elinchrom Litemotiv Indirect Octa

The new Litemotiv Indirect softboxes can withstand tungsten lamps up to 650W thanks to the heat-resistant material. The indirect mount fits all Elinchrom EL heads, and Quadra or Profoto heads with appropriate adapters. Each softbox comes with an inner and outer diffuser and a carrying bag.

In the UK, The Flash Centre has the Octa, Square, Recta and Strip available to pre-order, priced £945, £882, £819 and £819, respectively including VAT. US pricing and availability have not yet been announced. Visit Elinchrom’s web site for more information.

David Selby
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