Elinchrom RQ Eco Ringflash for Ranger Quadra

Elinchrom have announced the new RQ Ringflash ECO, a "modest priced" ring flash for the Ranger Quadra.

Elinchrom RQ Ringflash Eco

Elinchrom RQ Ringflash Eco

Swiss manufacturer Elinchrom have announced the availability of their new RQ Ringflash Eco, a ring flash head designed specifically for the Ranger Quadra. According to the company:

The brand new Ranger Quadra├é┬áRingflash ECO accepts up 400 ws with a standard 2-pole flash tube. Included├é┬áis a white diffuser cap and a 2 m detachable flash cable. There is a range of longer / extension cables of up to 10 metres for special situations├é┬áavailable. The RQ Ringflash ECO is an ideal light source for shadow-free├é┬áFashion & Beauty photography, at a very modest price…

Some of the highlights are:

  • 400ws output power
  • A 2 meters detachable cable for easier storage
  • A white diffuser cap is included in the box
  • Flash duration with Quadra RX:
    • Outlet A 100%: 1/1000 second
    • Outlet B 33%: 1/2500 second

According to The Flash Centre, Elinchrom’s UK distributor, the Eco Ringflash will be priced “hopefully around ├é┬ú300”, making it around a third the price of the faster Pro RQ Ringflash released last year. A specific shipping date for the Eco has not yet been announced.

For more technical details please visit the company product page.

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