Extend your VAL with Photoflex LiteReach

Photoflex have released a miniature boom arm for voice-activated light stands called the LiteReach. Full press release inside.

Photoflex LiteReach holding up a softbox
Photoflex LiteReach holding up a softbox
Picture by Photoflex

Press Release: Photoflex® introduces what could well be the photography assistant’s best friend—the new LiteReach™. Giving you the ability to position your light up to 34 inches (86.4cm) over your subject(s), this extender arm will hold your ShoeMount Flash, Radio Slave, SoftBox—even your umbrella—to help achieve just the right lighting effect you’re looking for. And exactly where you’re looking for it!

The LiteReach is ideal for events such as weddings or corporate parties where spontaneous shots are difficult, if not impossible, to prepare for beforehand; or in small areas or crowded shots where setting up lights, umbrellas and/or reflectors is just not practical. The LiteReach will act as an extension of an assistant’s arm and allow them to quickly and easily move the light around keeping it just where you want it. Small, lightweight and easy to travel with…you won’t want to be caught without this handy tool.

All-aluminum construction makes this a solid extension pole. Fits on to (the top of) any standard (5/8” diameter) light stand to be used as a light stand extension. Comes with two molded foam grip handles (on the pole) for 2-handed holding comfort and reaching ease. Also included with the LiteReach extender pole is a foldable stand/base.

To learn more about Photoflex®’s complete product line, visit www.photoflex.com today, and you’ll see why Photoflex® continues to be recognized as a major innovator and industry leader of photographic lighting and equipment.

David Selby
David is a keen photographer and has been editor of Lighting Rumours since 2010. When not writing about lighting, he works as a data scientist at the University of Manchester, UK.