Falcon Eyes shows ‘Saber One’ LED sticks at P&I

This LED lighting wand system from Falcon Eyes lets you create interesting cross-shaped catchlights.

During the P&I Shanghai trade fair, Falcon Eyes showed off one of their new continuous LED lights, the Saber One. The Saber One is a kind of light stick (just wait for the lightsaber references…) that can be used for both video and stills.

360 LEDs inside the stick draw 22 watts, but it’s not mentioned how many lumens of light are actually being generated, or how high the CRI is. Colour temperature is adjustable, in four steps from 3200K to 8000K. Multiple Saber One lights can be controlled simultaneously with one light because they can be linked together.

20150708113453_SABER ONE 1

20150708113453_SABER ONE 2

20150708113453_SABER ONE 5

At the P&I trade show, four Saber Ones were used to create a rather interesting looking light set-up. The four lights were used to create a cross which resulted in an unique catchlight in the model’s eyes.




Model no.: SABER ONE (SA1)
No. of LED: 360
Power: 22W
Color Temp.: 3000K – 8000K
Power Control: Stepless dimmable
Angle of illumination: 60 deg
Input: DV 12V
Size: L605 x W60 x H60 mm
Mutual Control: Yes, 3 channels

Although no release and price are available yet, it seems that the Falcon Eyes have created a more affordable version of the popular Ice Light, albeit with (we expect) worse CRI and build quality. What do you think of this light? Please let us know in the comments! (Star Wars references are allowed)


Dutch Falcon Eyes importer Benel BV has emailed us with the missing specs, these are:

CRI: 95 (95 for 8000K, 88 for 3200K)

0.5m:    3200
1m:      1100