Falcon Eyes Stick Saber 3 is also an LED ring light

A new LED from Falcon Eyes, the Light Stick Saber 3, offers a light wand and ring lamp in one unit.

Falcon Eyes Saber 3 Light Stick

A new LED from Falcon Eyes offers a light wand and ring lamp in one unit. The Falcon Eyes LED Light Stick Saber 3 is a modular continuous lighting system based around the SA3-B battery pack. The pack acts as both the handle and power source for the Light Stick, as well as powering the DVR-112V LED Ring Lamp.

Falcon Eyes Saber 3 Light Stick

The Falcon Eyes Light Stick is a 15-watt, 88-LED light with adjustable brightness. It produces daylight-balanced 5600K output but features a rotating orange filter to balance the light to 3200K and match tungsten ambient sources.

The DVR-112V LED ring lamp consists of 112 LEDs, also using 15 watts of power and also with daylight-balanced output.


The SA3-B battery pack will run either lamp for about 90 minutes. It can charge your mobile devices too, via USB cable.

Falcon Eyes Saber 3 Ring Light

A kit containing both the ring light, Light Stick and SA3-B is available now from distributor Benèl BV for €219. The kit includes a camera bracket and connector rings to attach the ring lamp and battery to your camera.

For more information, visit falconeyes.eu.

David Selby
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