Everything you need to know about the Yongnuo YN-622

We answer your questions on the Yongnuo YN-622C radio E-TTL trigger, what it is and how it works.

Yongnuo YN-622C E-TTL Wireless Flash Trigger Transceivers

Since the announcement of the Yongnuo YN-622C E-TTL radio triggers, lots of people have been asking questions. These will be complex devices and it is easy to get confused about their capabilities. We’ve got a direct line to the developers, a copy of the instruction manual and will be getting hands-on soon. In the meantime, here is a Q&A to help you out. Anything we miss or don’t make clear, let us know in the comments.

Yongnuo YN-622C E-TTL Wireless Flash Trigger Transceivers

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Yongnuo YN-622C?
  2. Where do they fit in the market?
  3. Will my flash/camera be compatible?
  4. How does wireless E-TTL ratio control work?
  5. How does wireless manual control work?
  6. Is it possible to mix wireless manual flash and E-TTL in the same set-up?
  7. Can I use high speed sync?
  8. Can I use second curtain sync?
  9. Can I use high voltage flashes safely?
  10. Will there be a YN-622N for Nikon?
  11. When will the YN-622C be available and how much will it cost?
  12. Will Lighting Rumours be doing a hands-on review?

What is the Yongnuo YN-622C?

Yongnuo, the manufacturer, describe the YN-622C system as “high performance master and slave equipment for multiple flash photography”. It is based on a two-way transmitter-receiver that allows one camera to control multiple flashes at the same time. It runs on 2.4GHz radio with 7 channels and 3 groups (A, B, C).

External flash functions include TTL ratio control, manual selection of flash group power output and high speed sync up to 1/8000s. TTL, Manual and Multi modes are supported. You can also install an E-TTL flash on top of the transmitter, known as “TTL pass-through“.

Where do they fit into the market?

  • The Yongnuo YN-622C is more advanced than the Hähnel Tuff TTL, which does not give you control of manual power levels.
  • The YN-622C is more capable than the Pixel King, which does not have TTL ratio control or let you have multiple groups at different power levels. However, there are models of the King for Nikon and for Sony.
  • The YN-622C is less powerful than the Phottix Odin, since a smaller range of flashes and cameras are supported and the YN-622C doesn’t have its own LCD control panel.
  • The YN-622C is more practical than the RadioPopper PX, which is a bulky hack that only extends the range of an existing infrared system.
  • The YN-622C will almost certainly be cheaper than the PocketWizard FlexTT5, which is an industry leader. While the FlexTT5 is much more advanced on paper, some photographers have to put a sock on their flashes for it to work reliably in practice due to radio interference. This is unlikely to be the case for the 2.4GHz YN-622.

Will my flash/camera be compatible?

These Canon EOS cameras have Flash Control menus on which the Yongnuo YN622C relies:

  • 1D Mark III, 1D Mark IV, 1Ds Mark III
  • 5D Mark II, 5D Mark III
  • 7D
  • 40D, 50D, 60D
  • 450D, 500D, 550D, 600D, 650D
  • 1000D, 1100D

The following flashes will “support wireless remote control through camera menu”:

  • Canon 600EX, 600EX-RT, 580EX II, 430EX II, 320EX, 270EX II
  • YongNuo YN-565EX, YN468, YN468 II, YN467, YN467 II, YN465

If you use the Canon Speedlite 430EX or 580EX (not mark II) or an older camera without the Flash Control menu then you will have to make settings by hand. Older cameras that don’t have the same Flash Control menu include the original 5D, 10D, 20D, 30D, 300D, 350D, 1D and 1D Mark II.

How does wireless E-TTL ratio control work?

  1. Set the desired group – A, B or C – on each of your YN-622C transceivers
  2. On your Canon EOS DSLR, hit [Menu] > Flash control > External flash func. setting > Wireless func. > Enable.
  3. If you have a flash on top of your on-camera YN-622C unit, select Master flash > Enable if you want it to fire, otherwise it won’t. It will behave like an off-camera flash in group A.
  4. In the External flash func. setting > Channel menu, pick your channel (1-4). The YN-622C transceivers can actually be set to more channels than the menu supports. To pick channels 5, 6 or 7, select it directly using the buttons on the on-camera YN-622C transceiver.
  5. Pick your ratio control mode from the External flash func. settingFiring group menu. You have the choice of All (A+B+C), A:B or A:B C. In “All”, there are no ratios and each flash fires at the same power level (this is the same as having ‘Wireless func.’ disabled). In the other modes you can select ratios from 8:1 to 1:8 for the groups in 1/2-stop increments. Check your camera user manual for more details.

Wireless ratio control in the Flash control menu with the YN-622C

How does wireless manual control work?

The set-up is similar to E-TTL ratios, but in External flash func. settingFlash mode you pick “Manual” instead of “E-TTL II”. You will then be able to set each of your independent flash groups – A, B or C – to manual power levels from 1/1 to 1/128.

Wireless manual control in the Flash control menu with the YN-622C

Is it possible to mix wireless manual flash and E-TTL in the same set-up?

Yes. Yongnuo has a feature called “Mix Mode”. Hold down the [CH SET] button on the transmitter (the transceiver on your camera) for 3 seconds and Mix Mode will be enabled. If you have a flash on-camera, it will be fixed to E-TTL mode. For your off-camera flashes, set them up individually with their own control panels.

Can I use high speed sync?

Yes, it is enabled by default. If your flash doesn’t support HSS then the maximum sync speed is 1/250s or less, depending on your camera.

There is also a mode called ‘Super Sync’ for manual flashes with long durations (e.g. studio heads). Set your camera to HSS mode and plug the flash into the receiver’s PC sync port. Yongnuo warns that Super Sync results may vary depending on your camera and flash combination.

Can I use second curtain sync?

Yes, you can select it from the Flash control menu. But it won’t work in Wireless control mode, according to Yongnuo.

Can I use high voltage flashes safely?

No. If your flashgun has a high triggering voltage and you connect it to a Yongnuo YN-622C then you risk damaging the transceiver.

Will there be a YN-622N for Nikon?

The Yongnuo development team are still considering making a Nikon version and assessing how to make it “different/competitive”. Indications suggest it will be a long way off, if the company even decide to make it at all.

When will the YN-622C be available and how much will it cost?

The YN-622C is being released to the domestic market before it is available internationally, hence why the company said it would be released this month and you haven’t seen anything yet. With luck, it will be released for export this August. Keep an eye on the official Yongnuo store.

As for cost, we haven’t been given firm figures so you’ll have to wait and see. But I’d expect a price point somewhere between the $130 Pixel King and the $330 Phottix Odin. Obviously we hope it’s lower, so long as the manufacturer hasn’t cut corners to get there.

Will Lighting Rumours be doing a hands-on review?

Yes. Stay tuned!

David Selby
Based in the West Midlands, UK, David Selby is editor of Lighting Rumours, a part-time photographer and a statistics PhD student.
  • Shlomi Cohen

    “Can I use second curtain sync?
    Yes, you can select it from the Flash control menu. But it won’t work in Wireless control mode, according to Yongnuo.”

    As in, it will not trigger remote flashes in second curtain sync and only through the hotshoe on the transmitter?
    Or did you mean it will not work with the optical wireless mode when mixed with radio triggers?

    Did I understand correctly? Can you please confirm?

    • David A. Selby

      No. It means that you can use second curtain sync so long as you don’t try to enable ratio control. With “Wireless control” disabled, the YN-622C behaves like a Pixel King, with all slaved flashes set to the same setting. If you have “All” set for ratios, then there is no need to enable Wireless control because it will behave the same with it switched off.

      There is no such thing as mixing optical wireless mode with these radio triggers. The camera thinks that the YN-622C transmitter itself is a flash, so what the camera thinks is optical is actually 2.4GHz. For this very reason, if you have a 5D Mark III or 650D, you need to set the camera to optical transmission (vs Canon EX-RT) for the Yongnuo system to work.

      If you put a flash on top of the transmitter, it is not actually getting information “passed through” from the camera. It’s just another wireless receiver that happens to be on your camera. An on-top flash is not really any different from any of the slave flashes.

      • Mike

        So does this mean that if I mount a RF-603 on top of YN-622C, I can set rear curtain sync on my 5D Mark II and fire all of my YN-560 IIIs before rear curtain starts to close?

      • Mike

        David, I am anticipating an answer in the negative, so I might as well ask this right away. If I mount the RF603 on a PC-to-hotshoe adapter and connect it via PC cord to the YN-622C mounted on my 5D Mark II, will I be able to get multiple YN-560IIIs to fire rear curtain sync?

        For YN-622N the YN website lists “Support PC port triggering strobe flashes” and “PC port support front/rear curtain sync and high-speed sync(Super Sync)function”

        For YN-622C the site lists “Support PC port triggering strobe flashes and support 1st, 2nd curtain”

  • i cannot wait1!!! thanks for this info David

  • David and everyone,

    Use this when you have those lousy Canon EOS-1D series and 5D series- so you can get AF Beam Assists in low lighting.

    If it is under $200.00, then many flash photographers will be very happy.

    Remember, all those wireless radio triggers like Pocket Wizard, Freewire, Radio Popper and so on do not have AF Beam (except the ATG and Pixel King).
    Even the Canon Speedlite Transmitter ST-E3-RT that Canon wants about $500.00 USD from us has no AF Beam. And the range sucks- just under 100 feet.

    • stevo

      The Af assist on my set of 622’s is very erratic to say the least. I am getting front and back focus issues

      I am even finding when i tested it without flashes to use for just low light that they AF beam even affected the white balance. The shots came out very red

  • Yikes. I’ve read that photographers on high-end shoots often use a “capture technician” to handle tethering; soon it looks as if they’ll have to add a “flash technician” as well. (At least until the ATG humanoid photo-assisting robot reaches the market… I understand it’s under development right now on ATG’s secret unicorn ranch.)

  • CherryD

    When you review them will you be testing them with other third party flashes? Would be interested to know if it will work with the Metz af 58 🙂

    • Giovanni

      Hi CherryD, I tested it and it works!
      Canon EOS 1000D + Metz 58AF-1Digital (both with latest firmware) + 2x YN622C

  • On paper specs mean very little until the units have been throughly tested in the West. YN make some great products but have also had some flops like the YN460TX/RX which was their previous attempt at TTL over radio. Unreliable even at 1m = completely useless.

    Radio Popper PX are a similar size, support ALL Canon & Nikon IR TTL features and have a much wider compatibility than the YN622s. They are US made and very reliable so worth a look. Better than Pocket Wizards for 580ex I & II users as they don’t have the interference issue.

    Radio Popper PX will work will ALL Canon ETTL flashes unlike the YN 622 and when mounted with Velcro support YN565, Nissin, Sigma and any other IR capable ETTL flash.

    • David A. Selby

      Please note that Image Melbourne sells RadioPoppers, so there’s a conflict of interest here.

      “…much wider compatibility than the YN622s” is not necessarily true. The YN622s, according to the user manual, will work with cheap flashes such as the YN465, YN467, YN467 II, YN468 and YN468 II. RadioPoppers don’t.

      And “supporting” an AF-assist lamp is not the same as providing one. A RadioPopper will do nothing mounted on a 5D Mark III unless you buy a flash or ST-E2 to use as a master.

      • Hi David,

        You and I were right when Image Melbourne stated & said “support”.
        Which means it has no AF Beam on the Radio Popper.

        Actually, using the Radio Popper will put much stress on the flash hotshoe’s assy.
        Resulting loose pins contact & broken wires = Intermittent flash.

        I and flash photographers in USA use ATG & Yongnuo YN-565EX.
        They both have a much brighter AF Beam than even Canon 600EX-RT.
        The ATG & 565EX use a HeNe laser beam.
        Those are the only two that use HeNe, which is much better than LED.

  • @ Boresagreat – Radio Popper PX does support AF assist via the STE2 or 580ex ie for all Canon users.

    • Using that will get your flash to become loose on the hotshoe’s contact to have intermittent flashes and putting stress on the hotshoes. It’s very common when you flip the flash to vertical & horizontal often.

      Yes, you are correct the AF Assist comes from STE and EX flash.
      Again, there is no AF Beam Light on the Radio Popper. We don’t like the band aid and added weight on the flash.
      Only ATG, Pixel King and now Yongnuo have built-in AF Beam Light.

  • Yes, we sell Radio Popppers. We also stock Youngnuo, Pocket Wizard & Cactus triggers and we test all new products before we sell them so are in a good position to make comaparisons. YN602s are great. YN603s are a backwards step in many ways, V5s are far superior. Pocket Wizards are great for most shooters except for those wanting TTL with 580ex series flashes – for those shooters RP are superior.

  • Any news on 550EX compatibility?

  • You guys don’t quite understand the Radiopopper PX system. There is no need for RP to provide an AF beam as they are used on top of a master device which provides AF assist. There is no need for RP to reinvent the wheel.

    RP do not cause any problems with speedlights, the PX transmitter is not even slightly heavy. Anyone who had actually handled one would not make such ridiculous comments. Many Lumiquest, Honl and similar modifiers weigh more.

    Then again ATG does not exist either, its not surprising someone spruking vapourware makes inaccurate comments.

    Don’t get me wrong, the YN622 could be a ripper gadget in which case we will stock it. However given YN’s track record to date I’d say its a 50 : 50 chance.

  • almograve

    Thank you! This is state of the art information and follow up! Thanks to Yongnuo for working with you as well!.

    Can I use high voltage flashes safely?
    No. If your flashgun has a high triggering voltage and you connect it to a Yongnuo YN-622C then you risk damaging the transceiver.

    how often could this happen? Is there a a way around to protect the transceiver? or in this case we should be looking at another device?

    • David A. Selby

      With a bit of electronics knowledge you could modify the circuit yourself. Or else there are add-on devices such as the Wein Safe Sync that’ll protect your equipment.

  • Sce2Aux

    Wondering if the YN-622 be compatible to Nissin 866 or 622 flashes? Haven’t noticed any mention of the the Nissin compatibility.

  • i got a reply from Yongnuo about Canon 550EX compatibility:

    ” 622 works with 550ex with some functions, including ettl ii, 1st/2nd/hss, fec, feb, fel, modelling flash, m/multi trigger. but you won’t be able to adjust flash output in m mode, this is limmited by 550ex ”

    NO mention of Ratio control but i’m happy that i can at least use the flashes in TTL mode 🙂

    Looks like my Pixel Kings are going in the bin………….

    • ben

      Richard I agree. I’ve been using Pixel Kings for a while now and everything’s great about them except they’re so unreliable. Do you find the same?

  • ituner

    YN-622C(2 x YN-622 Transcerivers) is available now for $ 109.99 only 🙂

  • DeanH

    Regarding the “Super-sync” mode, do you think it will work with non-HSS flashes? Like the entire Yongnuo range? Yn-560II for example?

    • DeanH

      Edit: I mean with the PC sync cable

  • Chiu

    can you use the yn-622 transmitter with the rf-602 receivers? I know it will be all manual.
    And the YN-622 has only 7 channels, while the rf-602 has 16. How do you match the channels?

    • David A. Selby

      They are not compatible, but Yongnuo said they will introduce a trigger in the future that works with both the RF-602 and RF-603.

  • Peter Kueppers

    Hi David, does the YN-622 also support the Nissin flash DI 622/DI 622 Mk II?
    Kind regards from Cologne/Germany

    • David A. Selby

      The compatibility list in the instruction book only refers to Canon and Yongnuo flashguns. So we’ll just have to wait for user reports.

  • Peter Kueppers

    Additional information:

    I’ve got this reply from Yongnuo, Honkong:

    Hi friend,
    Thank you for your letter.
    I’m sorry this item is not compatible with Nissin product/ 🙁

    Wishing you a good day.

    Thankyou and best regards,

    • thamasz

      The YN-622 is fully compatible with Nissin Di866 Mark II. I have both ordered and tested this week.

      • Priddy

        Can the HSS function with the Nissin Di866 and Di866 Mark II using the YN-622 triggers? I want to use these for daylight shoots. thanks

  • Malcolm Alexander

    Just been looking at this unit on a video ( http://youtu.be/NTUuFGTHskY ) but not sure if when using two or three speedlites, a receiver is required for each, or the transmitter sending to the receiver on a 580 EX ii, can control another one or two slaves of 580 EX ii and 440 EX II. Some clarification of using multiple flash units would be helpful


  • Putain

    is the YN-622C compatible with Nissin i622 (Mark 1)?

  • Does anyone know if it will work on a 1DX?

  • fabio

    Good evening everyone. I need to determine the power of the flash YN 565 in itself, but I can not. I can only change the camera menu. Can anyone help me?
    I want to change the power directly in the panel and not the flash in the camera menu.

    I have a Canon 60D + 622 + YN YN 565.


  • Ben

    Has anyone tested the yongnuo triggers for reliability? Especially compared to pixel kings?

  • John

    Does anyone know if you could fit the YN622 to the hotshoe, and control some E-TTL flash units, and fit a RF-603 on top of the RF603, and control some more flashguns in manual mode?

    • David A. Selby

      You could certainly trigger the manual flashes but you would not have remote control of them.

  • I have the triggers with eos 60d and 600d and they workgreat please youtube this and watch my 2 part review

  • Travis Dewys

    Dang it. I have a Canon 550EX and a Youngnuo 560EX. These wont work with either one for remote setting changes? Do I have any options?

  • Giovanni

    Hi, I am a novice in the use of remote flash and I own a canon eos 1000D.
    My questions are: is the YN-622C compatible with the Metz 58AF-1 digital flash?
    Will I be able to use all of its remote functions on my 1000D? (I can’t see any remote flash settings in the menu!)

    Thanks in advance,

    • Giovanni

      Ok friends! I reply to my own question. II bought a second transceiver YN-622C and IT WORKS!!! Wonderful!!! I just received it and tested my system: Canon EOS1000D with latest firmware + Metz 58AF-1 Digital flash with latest firmware + 2x Yongnuo Digital YN-622c transceivers and the result is: it works fine, it updates the focal lenght, the aperture, the HSS and so on… it just lacks the 2nd curtain syncro option but I’ll check it later, I guess it’s the only problem… OK, best regards to everybody!

      • Are you saying that you can manually set Metz’s output from 1000D menu?

        • Giovanni

          I didn’t mention that in my previous post but…actually, it is so!
          There isn’t the +/-3 stops adjustment for the flash over/underexposure (there’s only +/-2) because it’s a Metz and not a Canon flash… but there are all the useful settings (focal lenght auto/manual, 1st curtain or HSS synchro, FEB and so forth…)
          Thanks for your question.

          • Thanx for the input 🙂
            Just one clarification – do you get that same screen as in the picture, where you can control output in increments from 1/128, 1/64, etc. or that option is reserved for upper segment camera bodies?

          • Kornelije Kovac

            Chechek. It does even on Rebel series.

  • hi, every one i just discober an anoynig problem whit yn-622 triggers, they seem to not suport continius shooting on my yn-560, i get a lot of miss fires on continius mode, and my camera only shoot 3.9 frames per second, if i use a canon 430exII the continius shoot work fine no miss fires.

    • I haven’t had any problem shooting with them continuously to tell you the truth (speedlites and FL II 500 and DC 600) could you describe the problem you are having with more details? 🙂

  • sam roberts

    Does anyone know if you can use the 622’s on non-ttl/non digital cameras (such as hasselblad/bronica) via a PC sync chord?
    I know the RF-603’s didn’t work because they didn’t know if they were triggers or receivers without the ‘wake-up’ voltage from a digital slr. Is this the case with the 622???



    • You could but keep in mind that the true advantages (as HSS and full speed sync) this radio trigger offers are only compatible with Canon digital cameras (as the radio triggers communicates fluently with Canon’s TTL system in the camera).

    • iphoto27

      Hi Sam.

      It works on my ATG Hasselblad H40D like if you are using PW MutiMax.

      Older mslrs have dumb (cold) hotshoe-will not work.

      YN-622 has input to bottom shoe
      YN-622 has two outputs, top shoe & PC Sync.
      PW works as dual outputs, provided with the correct cable.

  • andi web

    Hi, I purchased Yongnuo RF-603N and I am dissapointed because:
    1) The transreceiver bypass the Nikon A-B-C zone controller, so I cannot control the flash output from a distance (from my camera anymore).
    2) The reason for point 1) is because the Nikon speedlight has to be set to “On” mode and not on “Remote” mode in order to be read by RF-603N.

    1) As I read your review above about the YN-622, it seems to be able to control the A-B-C zone as I want it to be.

    2) if point 1) is correct, this YN-622 can do the job of AC-3 zone controller of the PocketWizard, am I right?
    3) If point 1) and 2) correct, will this YN-622 also works on Nikon?

    Thanks for your reply, I am a beginner, so I need a clarification before I bought another wrong transmitter again.

    Best to you all!

    • Fidal

      Andi, did you get the AC3 Zone Controller to work with the YN-622?

  • Any news for Nikon shooters:-)))

  • Psimanc

    Hi I’ve bought a YN-622C set and YN565EX for a Canon 40D and so far they appear to work well. As I’m a real newbie of flash photography I’m starting off using Manual mode on the YN565EX rather than E-TTL so that I can learn to understand the effect of altering the flash output on lighting set ups. I’ve set both the YN565EX and the 40D to Manual for the external but although I can select the flash output between 1/128 and 1/1 on the YN565EX it gets overwritten by the flash output manual power level that’s been set via the 40D’s camera menu. Although I know I can adjust the YN565EX’s manual output in this way from the 40D’s Camera Menu its a fairly involved process and I’d rather just be able to alter the manual output on the YN565EX. Is there a way of achieving this?

    Sorry if this is a basic question but as I said I’m a newbie and any help would be gratefully received.



    • iphoto27


      Please load the ATG’s software on your computer.
      Attach the USB cable to your camera & PC.
      Click on Camera settings/Remote shooting

      Change those flash settings from your computer until you know how to use it.
      Then later do it the camera’s menu.

      HSS will not work but the Shutter Speed can be set over 200.


      • psimanc

        Thanks An,

        I solved the problem by switching the 622C transmitter from Remote to Mixed mode by holding down the [CH Set] button for 3 – 4 seconds.


        • iphoto27


          Glad you got the 3-4 seconds hold patented.
          But also, if that’s not working is usually do to using NiMH.
          You can remove batteries out & install back.

          ATG and I don’t recommend to have flash attached on Transmitter.
          We have seen many flashes flying out & into the ground.

  • Ronn Canzano

    Help please. I must be missing something. I have 4 of these units and they are triggering away with ease, so that part is good.

    For event shooting I want to be able to put three of these on three separate cameras with a 580ex on each camera. That’s me shooting 2 and an assistant on a 3rd camera.

    The 4th unit will go on an Alien Bee on a stand to fill the room with light and be triggered by all three cameras. Each camera will also fire it’s on on camera 580ex.

    The problem:

    Each on-camera flash is triggered along with the Alien Bee no matter what group I put them on.

    Any help in getting all of the cameras to trigger the Alien Bee and itself, but not each other?

    • Frank Kamera

      From your comment it seems that the 622c keeps its receiver roll while being on the camera’s hotshoe (transmitter roll) so if the receiver mode can’t be turned off manually you are in no luck

    • eWish

      Turning off your on camera flash when you’re not using it would work, but that would be a hassle and you would risk forgetting to turn it back on. I suppose you could also put two lights on the stand, each one at a different channel, and each camera gets its own channel. Again, an extra hassle with setup and would require one flash on the stand per camera, but would work.

    • Matthew

      Basically same issue here… With no solution found thus far. I want me and my second shooter to be able to remotely fire the same flashes on stands, as well as our on-camera speedlights (on top of transmitters) for fill, WITHOUT firing each other’s flash. If someone figures this out please post. Thanks!

    • Ed

      Connect your on cam flash to trigger via sync cord instead of using hot shoe, you will only be able to use manual flash then no ettl

  • Bob Trigg

    I am having problems with the YN-622C as far as trigger 3 off camera flashes, i.e. 430EX’s and 580EX. I have my Canon 5D Mark ii on Manual flash mode and my speedlites on manual mode. When I trigger the flashes, it reverts to Ettl mod on my flashes. It’s driving me nuts

    • iphoto27

      Hi Bob,

      It won’t work most of the time due to those two are not EX II or 600EX-RT.
      Both flashes must be set-up in Manual Modes & set-up flash power manually.
      You may want to test or buy a used Canon 430EX II.
      Or buy Nikon or Vivitar flash that has a Auto Sensor, which is better than TTL.

      You can try doing tethered shooting with ATG software with YN-622 attached on hotshoe and control your setting with software.

      Shoot me an email if you need more assistants.

      [email protected]

  • Ron E

    I have a pair of YN-622C, one on a Canon 1100D and one on a Canon Speedlite. Will the transceiver set off a Yongnuo 565EX ETTL Speedlite Flash for Canon which I am thiking of buying.

    • iphoto27

      Two choices & highly recommended by ATG:

      1. Wireless IR ETTL- pop up flash to 565EX wirelessly to 60 feet.
      The 565EX’s body must face in-line to front pop-up flash
      The 565EX really has penta wireless flashes.
      a. Wireless IR ETTL flash
      b. Wireless IR ITTL flash
      c. Wireless IR ETTL and ITTL flashes
      d. Wireless IR pre-flash
      e. Wireless IR flash
      2. Wireless Radio ETTL- 622 on 1100D {you can park EX II flash on transmitter (transceiver)} to wireless radio ETTL on 565EX to over 300 feet.

      I’ve used those set-up on my ATG Canon EOS-1D C camera because the 600EX-RT radio ranges is less than 40 feet & can not do 2nd flash sync, which really bad when they cost over $1,300.00 USD (had them returned for a full refund). It works very well.
      Don’t even think of getting those lousy Pocket Wizard FlexTT5. Just so many problems.

      *You can only get HSS (High Sync Speed-up to 1/8000) on ATG/Nissin/Quantum/Metz/Studio Light/Vivitar/Phottix/Yongnuo/EX II that support HSS.
      *The Yongnuo YN-565EX CAN NOT do HSS. But using this set-up is much better than buying two Canon 600EX-RT.
      Using HSS (Canon) or Auto FP is known to kill your flash unless you are using ATG Gold MG8k/Metz/Quantum Flashes.

      Top line flashes from ATG/Metz/Quantum run over $1,200.00 USD but they are made to take a beating by demanded working pros.

      • Vivek


        I have these YN622c on my Canon 550d. How can i use it along with the Canon 600ex rt?

        I have two Yn622c but I heard somewhere that the Flash unit doesn’t need a transceiver as it has in built technology.

        How can i set it up so i can trigger it wireless with the YN622c on my 550D body?


    • iphoto27

      If you are talking about the transceiver (on camera is now called Transmitter).
      If you have ATG or EX II on wireless transceiver (Receiver) = Wireless Radio ETTL
      Yongnuo 565EX must be set in S1 or S2 modes = Wireless IR

      Note: Power should be set up manually on 565EX & body must face flash (Receiver)

      The 565EX can do quad wireless IR flash.
      Which Canon and Nikon CAN NOT DO.

      The answer is yes.

  • any news for Nikon shooters?

  • Angelo

    Will these work on the Nissin Di866 MKii?

    • Kaushik S

      Works fine with Nissin Di866 II..

  • Mark


    Can you please explain a bit more regarding statement:
    “..you will have to make settings by hand. Older cameras that don’t have the same Flash Control menu include the original 5D…”
    As English is not my native language I did not understood this statement.

    I have first 5D version and plan to buy latest EX speedlite 600 or 580II. Can someone tell me: will my camera, using YN-622 and EX600 (580II), work in ETTL mode?

    thank you.

    • Canon Bonkers

      yes, it should work.
      what they meant it’s that the 5D do not have a menu to control flashes remotely so you have to make adjustments in each flash

  • sportyman140

    HI, I have the Yungnuo Yn 560 II and the Yungnuo 565EX. What I need help with is this, if I buy two sets to the Yongnuo YN-622/c can I still operate the 560 in manual while the 565 is in ETTL? Or do I need to buy another 565 I wanted to use the 560 for back of the head and hair flash.

    • Bergman Studios

      well the article and specs talk about mixed mode were you can combine manual and TTL controlled flashes

  • Hans

    Any word on how the YN-622 works (or not )with the Powershot G series like the G12 and G15?

  • kimchanvibol

    Dear Sir

    For YN 622C are radio and optical triggers both function? or just only radio 2.4Ghz trigger? or have optical infra red also? i mean using 622C attached on camera like ST-E2 optical master to control optical slave flash (Sc, Sn, S1, S2…)? Can 622C do that or not?

    • The YN-622C is radio only.

      • Wedd Shoot

        Hi, since the 622c keeps its hotshoe as TTL passthru I wonder if an ST-E2 on top of it could manage optical master mode with optical slaves not connected to a 622c

  • kimchanvibol

    Dear Sir

    For YN 622C are radio and optical triggers both function? or just only radio 2.4Ghz trigger? or have optical infra red also? i mean using 622C attached on camera like ST-E2 optical master to control optical slave flash (Sc, Sn, S1, S2…)? Can 622C do that or not?

    From vibol

  • Graham

    Is it possible to wirelessly change your power/exposure on the Yn560 II from a camera with an in camera menu like a Canon 7d?

    • No.

      • Graham

        Are the 56 ex and 568 ex my only yongnuo option for in-camera control of flash exposure?

        • Secula

          I’m also interested in this?

  • Matt

    I just purchased these for my Canon 5d MII and 580EXII flashes. They work fine but I can’t control them from my camera. An alert window comes up on my camera saying I am using incompatible equipment. I can control them from the flash only. Am I doing something wrong?

  • noob

    Can YN-622C trigger YN-565EX flash without it being on the YN622C itself. I can use 2 YN-565EX with 2 YN-622C and it works ok, ETTL is transmitted, but YN-565EX is supposed to be able to be slave to a Canon master flash (for e.g. cannon 580EX), would the Canon 580EX trigger it trough IR or would it talk to it trough some 2.4GHz radio? I understood that YN-622C could behave like 580EX sender and talk directly to other ETTL flashes. So the idea was – have one YN-622C on camera and mix of 580EX and YN565EX slaves. Is this possible or for each slave if I want it to receive ETTL data I have to have a YN-622C unit ? (If I understand properly with 580EX on camera I can have number of 580EX and YN565EX slaves and it will work without any additional hw) ?

    • noob

      Also, with number of YN622C, do I need to setup all off camera YN565EX connected on YN622C as MASTER? When can I use SLAVE (not S1/S2 but ETTL SLAVE) mode on YN565EX? Is it even possible with this transciever (YN622C) or is there a transciever that can use YN565EX as a slave on it’s own (in ETTL SLAVE mode)? Is YN565EX capable of receiving data only via IR or?

    • Sekula

      I don’t think it’s possible to trigger a lone 565ex unit just with a 622 on top of the camera.

    • Gordon

      Have you found an answer to you question about firing a YN-565EX without being on a YN622C? I have the same problem, I thought that the YN-622C would talk directly to the YN-565EX directly without needing to be on to of another YN-622C.

      Your help would be appreciated

  • Cdatar

    Can a pair of YN622C’s remotely control my 600EX-RT and it in turn optically control my 580EX II with its built in system or do I have to buy an extra transceiver.
    OR can a pair of YN622C’s remotely control my STE-2 to control both the 600EX-RT & the 580EX II

    • MarkLivesInLA

      I don’t think so. 600EX-RT work exclusively in Optical or RT mode. They won’t emminate optical commands if acting as a slave in RT mode.

  • YongStuck

    Is it possible to turn off a group especially if you are checking your flash setup with the light meter? eg. Group A and B have a flash each. On a third trigger, I press the test button to trigger the flash on group A without triggering the flash in group B.

    Also what is another way of triggering the flashes on a 622 with a light meter without using a spare 622 trigger and manually pressing test? I have a Sekonic 358 which has a PC sync socket. I would like to use a cable from the light meter to my 622 to trigger them. I have read they are only output.

    I was considering the Pixel TF-321 but the PC sync on them is also an output I heard.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

  • Mike

    If I mount the RF603 on a PC-to-hotshoe adapter and connect it via PC
    cord to the YN-622C mounted on my 5D Mark II, will I be able to get
    multiple YN-560IIIs to fire rear curtain sync?

    • MarkLivesInLA

      No. You will not. The PC sync connection on the RF603 is OUTPUT only. I wanted to do this so I could mix Canon 600EX-RTs with my YN-650III’s and it’s just not possible in any formation that I can think of.

      • Mike

        Hmm. What about when the 622 output is translated into hotshoe via cable and the 603 sits on this hotshoe and fires the 560iiis. Have you tried that?

        • MarkLivesInLA

          I have and it doesn’t work. The 603 needs the hotshot to give it the TTL wake up signal to go into transmitter mode which a pc sync to hotshot cable can’t give it. The only way you can do it is to actually do a mod to the unit. Look up “rf-603 mod for Sony” for details on what others have done to combat this limitation.

          • Mike

            How about with the 603ii? It supposed to have a PC input and a single pin hotshoe compatibility.

  • Carl Lafong

    The two units look identical. Is there a switch that sets one as a sending unit and one as a receiver? How do it know?

    • Each unit automatically assigns itself the role of transmitter or receiver.

  • Tracy D Hall

    With the 30d can i control the manual flash

  • Tracy D Hall

    I am working with an old system 30D.I try and set the 580exii on manual.Then when i push shutter flash goes right back to ttl mode Help

  • Jatin

    Hi. I have a Canon 7D. I intend to use this to trigger three off camera speedlites, one 680EX-RT and 2 430-EXII. Can you guide me if I need to buy 4 or I could make do with 3 transreceivers??? All help appreciated. Thank you.

    • pandemonium

      Somewhat similar question here…

      I have a 7D + YN-565EX II + 2 x YN-622c… but would like to use one of the following options; is this workable/possible?

      a) Trigger the YN-565 EX II from my 7D directly (w/o using the YN-622c at all)
      b) Trigger the YN-565 EX II (sitting atop a YN-622c as receiver) from my 7D directly
      c) Trigger the YN-565 EX II from my 7D directly (with the YN-622c as transmitter)
      Thanks in advance.

  • eWish

    It seems that there should be a faster way to access the flash menu (60d and 5d II) for changing ratios and power. I must be missing something. How many button presses does it take you to get to where you can change the A:B ratio??
    I hope they make a transmitter with its own LCD for instant access. Maybe with separate up and down arrows for changing power the power of A, B, and C.

  • Emmanuel Delaloy

    Need HELP
    does somebody use these triggers with rechargeable batteries?
    it seems they drain extremely fast
    any issues?

    • Matt

      I’ve had no issues with them running rechargeable batteries down quickly. Maybe your unit is defective? Have you tried new/different brand of batteries?

    • Feriadi Heru Prasetyo

      I had the same problem they drain my batteries quickly

  • Donglin

    I have 2 RF-603C. I am wondering it is possible to use YN-622C to trigger RF-603C through wireless.

  • matalcacer

    Hello !!!

    Please sorry but I don´t speak English very well.
    Could someone tell me if the following configuration is possible?

    Canon 7D with YN-622C mounted on hot shoe as transmitter.

    Canon 600EX out of camera with YN-622C as receiver but this 600EX with IR activated (Master mode)

    Canon 430EX without radio but in slave mode over 600EX.

    I’m trying to shoot 430EX in slave mode from the 600EX in master mode and this 600EX from my camera by YN-622C.

    I believe that this should be perfectly possible but …… I CAN´T DO THAT !!!!!!!
    Anyone know how to make the system configuration?

    Thanks and Regards
    Buenos Aires. Argentina.

    • Frank

      This is exactly the same config and question I’m asking!!
      I set up my 600EX with a YN622 and in optical Master (A) mode, a 430 EXII in optical Slave (B) mode and my 7D in non-wireless with a YN622 on top.
      My expectation is/was that the YN622 would act like a ETTL cable from hotshoe to 600EX and that in turn would trigger the 430EX via optical.
      But when the camera triggers, the 600EX drops out of optical/master and fires itself as a single flash.

      I’d like to know if this is possible or if you can’t mix YN622 and optical wireless even if the 600EX is correctly set as optical master?
      Or do I need a second YN622 for the other Speedlite?

      Thanx in advance

      • Patgenie

        The 622C on camera becomes a master unit but this master supports RF only. You can’t mix optical and RF firing with the 622C. You need to have 622C’s for every flash and they all run as slaves to the 622C on camera. It works very well when used this way. An off camera optical master such as the 580EX II or the YN568EX II while being fired by a 622C receiver will not allow optical firing because they are forced into being slave units. The problem rests with Canon’s built in external flash controls which can only recognize one master at a time. In this case the 622C is the master and it does not have built-in optical firing only RF.

  • Dave

    Don’t work with Metz 58 AF-2

  • Devin Bates

    If you use more then one at a time they start to act very strange. They do not wake up the flashes and they change groups at random! I own 4 of them!

  • Hector

    My yn622 is only working in a max distance of 25m, free air view. What can be the reason?

  • Mike Fox

    Ok, running into a wierd problem, hopefully someone has seen this.
    I have 4 622s, and they have worked great for the most part. Last night I was trying out my new light meter, and so I had switched the flashed to manual. I had my main on channel A and my backlight on channel B. When I went into the camera menu, and changed the backlight from say 1/8th to 1/4 power, and triggered a test, the light meter said the flash didn’t change. I looked at the flash, the correct power showed on the back. I tapped the exposure up/down button on the flash, and the power on the display didn’t change, but then when I test fired the exposure was up a stop from where it was before, which is what should have happened. After several tests, it seems like setting the power from the menu didn’t take effect until I did something on the physical buttons. I could even hear the flash adjust once I touched a button.
    Anyone else having problems manually setting the exposure?

  • Matthew

    I’ve never had to change the flash to “Master” mode with mine, as mentioned in the article. What advantage does this offer? Doesn’t master mode only have to do with firing additional flashes that are set to “slave” mode? Thanks!

  • Ana

    Hi! I have a canon 550D and a Metz 50 AF-1. Will YN-622c work with this equipment? Thank you. 😉

    • Vivek


      I just go these.
      they work great with the 600 ex rt Flashes on my 550d!

  • Edmond

    Can i use both systems yn-622c and yn-622n with yn-622c transmitter?

  • Adam Chandler

    I bought these triggers along with a Canon 430EXII speedlight and thought I could use the ETTL function/ratio control with the 430 off-camera and my 580 EX (not Mark II) on-camera but I can’t seem to do this. Is it possible or do I need a 580 EXII on-camera to make this setup work?

  • Samuel Rader

    Can you please explain to me why my YN -622 will not allow me to put my master flash (my 580 ex or 600 rt connected to the transmitter in my hotshoe) to stay in group A? Every time I half-press the shutter button, after putting the transmitter into group A, the transmitter automatically switches itself to group B. I have master flash enabled. It must be something simple but it’s driving me crazy! Thank you in advance.

  • Ivan

    Will this device keep my slave Canon 580EXII awake forever? I mean, not a wake up signal, but just keep awake (like Canon ST-E3-RT and Speedlite 600EX-RT). Otherwise, the 580EXII goes to sleep in 60 min, and this cannot be fixed in custom functions for slave.

  • lance

    omg the “mix mode” guide saved my life

  • Getnjgywitit

    Does anyone know if you can use the triggers to one master flash off camera so that master can control the slaves? Every time I try, the flash (yn568ex II) reverts back to just regular ETTL and will not act as a master. Am I missing something?

  • I’m trying out a set of Yongnuo YN-622C triggers now, really impressed with the price and connectivity. One question, am I going to need another trigger in addition to my 2 used on a 1D Mk3 and the 580EX II to trigger my 270EX II in slave mode? I want the 580 off my camera; but would really like to use the 270 to pop as a backlight when needed!

  • Ruusperin Keke

    Hi. I have Yongnuo’s YN560-III speedlite (not ETTL). Does it work with RC622c (attached and without)?

  • Prinzen Bulli

    Hello! Probably a stupid Question:-) I can’t manage to set Automatic Zoom by using a 40D in combination with 580xII and the canon 28-135 3,5-5,6. Once set by pressing the shutter the display (and the flashs reflector) setting automatically back to 80mm. Tested with 2 sets oft the YNs, once tried to reset, same result.
    Looking forward thankfully to your answers. Michl

  • ergodus

    i’ve used two of my new 4 triggers today. nice devices !

    works great with my 3 flasguns.

    to takw it to the next level i want to combine multiple flashes on 1 receiver so the all act as one larger lightsource.

    is there a way with a cable or something ?

    of course i can buy more triggers and give every flash its one, but a cable would be nice.

  • erik

    is it possible to hook up multiple flashes to 1 yn622cwith a special cable ? the goal is that multiple flashes act as one .

  • John Constantine

    This is the biggest piece of garbage on the market! You can’t use them if you shoot with two photographers because you will set off each others on camera speed light. The channels and groups do not work, at least not if plugged into studio type lights. The focus assist beam doesn’t even come close to appearing near your focus points, so in low light situations, your camera doesn’t focus. There is a reason these devices are unbelievably cheep. You get what you pay for and If it is too good to be true, it probably is and (although not really possible with electronic equipment) BUY USA made you will never be sorry with the quality of the product.

  • Bazza

    I cannot get the YN622C to work with my Canon 70D + Canon 420EX.
    Any advice please?

  • Gerry Hall

    I have used Canon 580EX and 550EX flashes in manual mode on the
    hotshoe of my RX100m2. They work well and reliably. I want to use my
    YN-622C-TX or my YN-622C radio trigger on the RX100m2, but the radio
    triggers never fire the off camera flash when the trigger is on the
    hotshoe. The trigger’s test button will fire the Canon flashes off
    camera, so the trigger-to-flash link is working. I would think that
    whichever contacts on the hotshoe are triggering the Canon flash when it
    is on the camera would be the same ones to trigger the radio trigger. I
    am stumped.

    I am wondering if there is any issue of the YN-622C-TX foot not
    seating into the RX100m2 hotshoe fully could make the difference. I do
    have to help it in the last bit.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Roddy

    Hi, Do you know if there is a way to make fine adjustments to the sync timings. I have two flash units setup for water drop photography and is working great apart from there is a very slight double image on the drops which I presume is a fractional timing issue with flash sync. Any help is very much appreciated. Cheers!

  • Wiil this Canon version work on Sony A850 with adapter with HSS capabilities with external strobe?

  • The Dark Dude

    For a very long time I was under the impression that it was possible to use the YN-622c and YN-622c TX to remotely control the Power, Ratio’s and Channel of a Yongnuo YN 560 mk2 flashgun. I was WRONG! Yongnuo really do have to start sorting out their confusing products and more precisely start being crystal clear with what equipment will work with what.

  • Srivki Weisberg

    Is it possible for my canon 580exii sitting on top of the yn622 on my camera to be in manual mode?

    • Suzanne Renfrow

      I’m not sure about the 580 but I’ll tell you what I just learned about the 568 if you want to adjust flash power manually. The 568 must be in TTL mode to communicate with the controller. You put the controller in manual mode and adjust the flash power on the controller. When you press the shutter half-way, you should see that setting transfer over to your flash.

  • Lorraine Grey

    Hi, I have a canon 430 ex11 and a canon 5dmk3, I need a master to go with it can you please tell me the best way to go

  • Tomas

    Hi, i have problem when using the YN622c, YN622c-tx and YN565 EX II flash. The problem is the HSS doesn’t work. My camera is Canon EOS Sl1 100D The HSS settings is visible in camera menu, the HSS icon is visible on YN622c-tx display and also on the display of YN565 EX II speedlite. However when i do a shot with time speed higher than about 1/250 i see the black strip on the photo. Every other features work like expected – triggering the flash, setting zoom, changing power..etc only the HSS doesn’t work. Interesting is when i use the speedlite directly on the camera (without YN622c triggers) the HSS works without problems – i can take pictures up to 1/4000 without any black strip in the photo. Could you give me some advice, how can i get it to work? Can it have something to do with voltage? (i am using Eneloop 1,2V rechargeble batteries) Can it have something to do with firmware version? (Haven’t try any firmware update yet) Thanks in advance. Best regards Tomas

    • Chris Campbell

      Did you ever figure this out? I’m having the same problem.

  • shabeer

    My cam canon 1d mark iv & canon 580ex ii.
    I buying Yonguno yn 622c-tx flash controller only. Controller attached camera after I will check the camera displays flash control options but display saying connect speed light.. Y?

  • Ali Beklik

    can anybody tell me why i cant download the new firmware for my yn622c

  • Teh Kao

    5DIII, 622C transceivers, and 430EXII (2) here.

    I’m having trouble controlling flash intensity remotely.
    The flash is remotely firing just fine, but when I set the intensity in the 5DIII menu it doesn’t translate to the off-camera flash at all.

    Help would be appreciated.

  • janis richards

    ok…. I have a canon 5 d mark ii and have some old canon 580s and 430… aill fhs yn 622 II ettl work with them plus can I use with my stobes

  • Trice

    Does the YN 622 N transmit TTL and/or High speed sync to a YN 560 EX flash? (which has no HSS build in)? And second question: Can I use this YN 622 TX for a Nikon D750 and a another flash of Nikon SB900 ?

  • Shannon Stanley

    I have 3 yn560iii. I also have one calumet genesis 400. I have a nikon d610 and the song a6000. will the YN 622c tiggers work for all of these products?