Fiilex AL250 ‘aerial lighting LED’ is carried by drones

Fiilex has released the AL250, a "professional-grade", drone-mounted LED light.

Fiilex AL250

Fiilex has released the AL250, “professional-grade drone-mounted LED light”. The AL stands for “aerial lighting”: fit this LED to your quadcopter and it can illuminate extreme sports or be used for creative light painting effects.

Using the company’s “dense matrix LED” technology, the Fiilex AL250 is small and light enough — 270 grams and about the size of a deck of cards — to be carried on the GoPro mount on many consumer drones.

Fiilex AL250

According to the manufacturer, the 30W daylight-balanced LED produces output equivalent to a 200-watt tungsten bulb, while the lithium-ion battery can keep it running for 25 minutes. The claimed colour rendering index (CRI) is >93 and the beam angle is 38°.

Some examples of applications are given in the following promotional video.

And in this video you can see it being used with a Phase One XF camera for light painting effects:

The Fiilex AL250 is available to order now for $349 from Adorama and B&H Photo. For more information, visit the Fiilex AL250 product page.

David Selby
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