Fiilex introduces powerful 170W LED light, Q500

Fiilex, known for their range of professional light sources, have introduced their latest LED, the Fiilex Q500.

Fiilex Q500

Fiilex, known for their range of professional light sources, have introduced their latest LED, the Fiilex Q500. The Q500 is their most powerful LED light source yet, drawing 170 watts and emitting an 750-watts-equivalent output.

This LED light uses multiple LEDs and manages to squeeze them through a single lens, resulting in a single-point light source. Because of this you don’t get the multi-shadow look produced by rectangular panels, for example. The light stays cool to touch during operation and weights a reasonable 12 lbs.

Fiilex Q500

Fiilex Q500

A well-known phrase that Fiilex has used to explain the strength of the Q500 is “with great power comes great control”, hinting that the light has a wide range of features. These include color tuning between 2700–6500K, hue control of .25 magenta/green in either direction. With the Q500 Fiilex introduced the possibility not only to change the light, but to do it from the comfort of your control board.  The Q500 features built-in DMX control (512 addresses), which is their first light that has that. Besides the DMX control it has a LCD backlit display, XLR5 in/out and RJ45 in/out.

The Q500 is available now for around US$2,500. Check out for more info and specs.


  • 750W Equivalent Output (Tungsten) – Draw 170W
  • Color Temperature Range 2800-6500K
  • Hue Control ± .25 Magenta / Green
  • High CRI >93 (3000K-5600K)
  • Full Spectrum Light Quality – No Spikes
  • Dimming (100%-7%)
  • Flicker Free at any Frame Rate
  • Single Point Light Source – Adjustable Beam Angle 50° to 27°
  • Solid State Technology – No Bulbs to Replace
  • Does not Emit UV Light/Radiation
  • DMX Control Built In
  • LCD Display


  • Size:
  • L 12″ x W 12.75″ x H 15″ (with Yoke) or 305mm X 325mm x 380mm
  • L 12″x W 9″ x H x 6.75″ without  or 305mm X 230mm x 172mm
  • Weight (Include Yoke)  12 lbs / 5.5 kg
  • LED: Dense Matrix LED
  • Thermal Design                Advanced Vapor Cooling
  • Beam Angle: 27°-50° (With Fresnel Lens)
  • CCT Range: 2800-6500K Continuous Tuning
  • Hue Control: plus/minus .25 Magenta/Green
  • CRI: >93
  • LED Life: 42,000 hrs – (15 Years of average use.)
  • Power Consumption: 170W Max / Comparable in Output to 750W Tungsten
  • Input Voltage: AC Power: 100-240 VAC, 50~60Hz, Max 170W
  • Input Port: Detachable Power Con Cable
  • DMX Control: 2 XLR ports and 2 RJ45 ports (512 Addresses)
  • Temperature Range: 32-104ºF / 0-40º C (over temperature protection)