Pack a different lunch with Fiilex M831 ‘studio in a lunchbox’ kit

Fiilex plans to take the compromises out of location lighting with their new portable LED kit.

Fiilex M831 lighting kit

Location shoots can be tricky because you have to compromise on gear in order still to be able to carry the equipment. When you have travel by travel or public transport, as I have done many times, this can be even more tricky. I cannot recommend taking a three-light monobloc set-up by bike to your shooting location either; while I did manage, it wasn’t pretty (yes, if you were wondering, I am Dutch).

While photographers can resort to speedlights, videographers do not have such a portable alternative without making a lot of compromises. Fiilex is trying to change that with their “studio in a lunchbox” M831 kit.

Fiilex M831 lighting kit

As the name implies, the three-light LED kit fits into a small case (37.8cm x 30.8cm x 17.5cm) which is, according to Fiilex, lunchbox format (when you pack a really big lunch). At 7 kg it is still very reasonable to carry around when going to your shooting location. The box contains everything that is needed to light your subjects except light stands.

Fiilex M831 lighting kit

Although small in size, it still packs quite a punch, since the kit has around 600 watts of combined equivalent output. The lights inside the case are of the type P180E, featuring a LED color-adjustable (3000-5600 Kelvin) LED with a CRI of 92+, while being to dimmable from 100 to 10%. An optional DC adapter can use any 12 to 24 volt power source so you can use the lights anywhere. The P180E lights have a IP 24 rating, meaning that they are water resistant.

The kit is available now through Fiilex dealers. In order to grab a lunchbox for yourself expect to pay almost 2,000 dollars for it. If you are in the market for a portable location kit maybe you should consider the Fiilex M381.