Firefly Beauty Boxes from Aurora Lite Bank

Aurora Lite Bank, a Korean studio lighting manufacturer, have a new range of portable softboxes for use with hotshoe flashes.

Aurora Firefly Beauty Box

Aurora Firefly Beauty Box FBO50

Aurora Lite Bank, a Korean studio lighting manufacturer, have a new range of portable softboxes for use with hotshoe flashes. The Firefly Beauty Box series include a mounting bracket for speedlights and are specially designed for their light weight and quick assembly.

Press release

Firefly Beauty Box is an octagonal softbox for shoe mounted speedlights. It softens the normally harsh light; it is extremely light and portable and is compatible with most shoe mounted speedlights. It consists of three parts: an umbrella like softbox, a swivel flash bracket, and a front screen. It comes with a carrying bag. All parts of the diffuser fit into the bag easily and weigh about 1.5 kg.


  • Robust and durable
    The frame for the beauty box, adaptor and tilting bracket are made from durable aluminum and steel and it is robust enough for outdoor use.
  • Unique design
    The unique design of the Firefly Beauty Box and its construction is patent pending.
  • Extremely portable
    At only 48cm width and 19cm in depth it is lightweight and portable making it extremely attractive for location use.
  • Soft and evenly reflected light
    Using the same silver lining as in Aurora’s quality softboxes the embossed surface reflects the light back and forth internally so that it becomes soft and not too harsh when it reaches the front. The flat front diffuser then softens the light even more.
  • Easy to set up and pack up
    With one touch, it opens and closes like an umbrella making it ready to use within seconds.
  • Silver or Gold internal deflectors
    The 15cm silver deflector is sewn onto the inside of the front diffuser which eliminates any hot spots. A front diffuser with a gold deflector is an optional extra for a warmer effect.
  • Light weight and handy
    Complete with carry bag, its total weight is only 1kg
  • Height adjustable and rotatable tilt bracket
    A rotatable tilt bracket that moves for forward and backwards and up and down allows most speedlights to fit onto the Firefly Beauty Box
  • Sliding shoe
    This is compatible with most shoe mounted speedlights

Firefly Beauty Box is available in three models; FBO50 (above), FBO65 and FBS2560 (shown below) and these are available through their dealers. Mr. CAD in UK, Tanala Foto in Germany, Prophot in France, Foto Video in Norway, Gruppo BP in Italy, Pakor in USA, etc.

For more information, please visit the Aurora Lite Bank web site.

Aurora Litebank Firefly FBO65 and FBS2560

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