First Godox XEnergizer hands-on review published

Reviews are appearing for Godox's XEnergizer 600 portable flash system.


Reviews are coming out of the woodwork for Godox’s XEnergizer 600 portable flash system.

Lighting Rumours reader Richard “The Flasher”, a wedding photographer based in Mallorca, has posted his first impressions of the light on his blog.

“This is a really good flash for the money,” writes Richard. “It comes in a nice hard case… You can set power levels fron the USB trigger but actually trigger the flash via the 3.5mm jack.”


“The flashhead is made of plastic, I have only used it with a light weight 70x50cm umbrella soft box and the results were very good!” he adds. “Halogen bulb modeling light, shame it wasn’t LED. It is quite weak and I have never used it so I may just remove it altogether.”


Read Richard’s full thoughts, with plenty of lovely example photographs, at Thanks for being an early adopter!

We will be writing our own review of the XEnergizer, and comparing it to the Jinbei Discovery — a flash in the same product category — once we get our hands on a sample from the manufacturers. Watch this space.

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David Selby
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