Exclusive deal: $30 off Flashpoint AutoStands at Adorama

Save over 30% on these Flashpoint AutoStands, ideal for location shooting, thanks to an exclusive Lighting Rumours deal.

Flashpoint 7' AutoStand

Adorama, the New York photography superstore, has released a new range of light stands. The Flashpoint 7′ and 9′ AutoStands are heavy duty light stands designed for lone location photographers.

The AutoStands work on the same concept as the CheetahStand (itself based on the popular Red Wing stand): place it on the floor and the legs open automatically. Lift it up and the legs fold away again. This feature is especially helpful to wedding photographers and anybody shooting on location without an assistant, as it makes it possible to reposition lights easily with just one hand free.


Each stand has a reversible stud for mounting different kinds of lights and accessories. When closed, the 7′ and 9′ stands collapse to 30.0″ and 39.8″ in length, respectively. They can support loads up to 7 kg and 10 kg.

Our friends at Adorama have made an exclusive discount for Lighting Rumours readers:

Just enter the coupon code LRFPASTAND at checkout and you will get $20-30 off each stand: that’s a third off the original prices. What’s more, there is free shipping on both (within the US lower 48). This deal runs from 1st June until 15th June 2015. NB: this discount will only work for US shipping addresses.

Update: this deal has been extended until 22nd June 2015.

For more information, click the product links above.

David Selby
Based in the West Midlands, UK, David Selby is editor of Lighting Rumours, a part-time photographer and a statistics PhD student.
  • stu

    the code doesn’t work 7ft autostand for US.

    • I will contact Adorama and see if they can fix your problem

    • I am told you need to make sure you use the links in the article or the code will not work.

  • Steve H

    Anyone know of a UK distributor for these?

  • Ryan Henderson

    Looks like they changed it to -$20.00 for the 7-foot stand

    • Yes I think this was a typo in the original deal. The final prices ($39.95 and $49.95) are still correct.

  • Ed Krisiak

    Thanks for the link and code !!! Order one 🙂

  • Gil

    Thanks. Ordered 2 – 9′.

  • AskFelix

    I am deeply disappointed with my Flashpoint 9-foot AutoStand. I bought 2 using the $30 coupon and both light stands will not extend past 6.5 feet standing vertically with legs spread out. Apparently the problem may be due to a major defect at the 3rd knob (from the top) where the section will not extend. It took many persistent emails to even get Adorama to acknowledge the problem. In short, when buying a 9-foot AutoStand, we are actually getting the effective length of the 7-foot one. I was told to just return my AutoStand for credit rather then exchanging them for another 9-foot since the defect is found in all their existing stock. Does anyone else have the problem?