Flashpoint R2 remote lighting system now available

Adorama has announced the Flashpoint R2 remote lighting system, a rebrand of the latest wireless flash gear from the Godox Witstro line.

Flashpoint R2 Xplor 600

Adorama’s in-house brand, Flashpoint, has announced the R2 remote lighting system, a portable flash series that includes battery-powered monolights, flashguns and radio triggers. The R2 line is a rebrand of Godox’s popular Witstro system.

Products include:

  • Flashpoint Xplor 600, also known as the Godox Witstro AD600, a portable studio flash with TTL and HSS support for Canon and Nikon. $600 for an HSS only (non-TTL) version; $749 for the TTL model.
  • Flashpoint R2 Streaklight 360 TTL, a rebranded Godox Witstro AD360-II, a bare-bulb shoe-mount TTL flash for Canon and Nikon. $520 with battery pack.
  • Flashpoint R2 Zoom Li-ion, Adorama’s name for the Ving, a conventional speedlight that is powered by lithium-ion batteries for longer life and faster recycle times. $180 each.
  • Flashpoint R2 TTL transmitter and receiver, a set of TTL triggers for Canon, Nikon and Sony (rebadged Godox X1). Priced $80.
  • Flashpoint R2 Bridge Receivers, plug-in radio modules to add radio support to older Witstro and Godox flashes. Priced $20 each.

Flashpoint R2 Xplor 600

Flashpoint R2 Streaklight 360 for Canon

According to Adorama, “Flashpoint’s R2 wireless flash system utilizes an advanced 2.4GHz radio to control a range of Flashpoint lighting products. The system unifies these products and allows for remote controlling with easy-to-use buttons, reliable channel triggering, group mode selectivity, HSS and LCD panels that clearly display the status of all remote R2-compliant lighting tools being used. It is the latest in remote lighting innovation and is the perfect solution for any photography situation.”

For more information, visit the Adorama web site.

David Selby
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