FlashQ is a small trigger for small cameras

A small, trendy flash trigger for compact DSLR & mirrorless cameras hopes to raise $25k via crowd-funding.

FlashQ for Micro Four Thirds

While the size of even high-end cameras keep decreasing — with the introduction of the Sony A7 or the Fuji X-T1 — radio triggers tend to stay the same size. This makes them seem bulky, causing some people to want triggers to become smaller as well. Fortunately for them a company in Hong Kong is trying to crowdfund a new smaller device, the FlashQ, a little cube that serves as a trigger.

FlashQ for Micro Four Thirds

The FlashQ is a small trendy flash trigger that might lack features such as HSS and TTL exposure, but it is thanks to this basic approach the FlashQ is the smallest trigger available on the market.

Measuring in at 25x25x15 mm there is clearly not space for a conventional AAA battery, so the FlashQ transmitter/receiver is just powered by a CR2302 coin battery with 180 days standby time achieved through an energy-efficient protocol. The trigger uses 2.4 GHz for communication and can fire flashes that are 20 meters away. This might be less than other already-available models, but remember that there is not much space for an antenna inside the little cube.

While the FlashQ is small in size and has a quite flashy appearance, the specs are still quite reasonable for such a small device. Especially the price is very reasonable. You can pick up a FlashQ for US$30 dollar or $39 if you didn’t manage to get the early bird crowdfunding offer. You have the choice between four different colors, black, white, pink and blue so you can match it to your camera color. At the moment the Indiegogo project has 36 days to achieve its $25,000 funding target.

What do you think? Will you back this campaign?