Fstoppers introduces the FlashDisc

The FlashDisc is a small, portable speedlight softbox that fits in your pocket and can also be used as a grey card.

A while back Fstoppers made a limited production batch of the Fstopper FlashDisc. In December 2013 the first 1,000 FlashDiscs went on sale and were directly sold out within 24 hours. 10 months later Fstoppers restocked the FlashDisc and are now on sale through Amazon. The version that is available through Amazon is a slightly different design compared to the one that was sold in December 2014. Fstoppers claims that the overall build of the product is slightly better and the sides are more reflective so light will not spill as easily.


But what is the Fstoppers FlashDisc, exactly? It is a small portable softbox that could fit in your pocket. The unit looks rather simple and is meant to soften up the direct flash from your speedlite. While the surface of the FlashDisc is still limited, it can be great for close-ups, macro, wedding or event work. If not used it can be used as grey card. What is appealing of the FlashDisc is that it can be folded up, meaning that it can fit in your pocket, purse or any camera bag. The FlashDisc is available now through Amazon (US) for $49.95.


For more information check out the Fstoppers website or directly order it at Amazon.