Full Pixel King II flash trigger specifications revealed

We have got our hands on the full specifications of the King II TTL Trigger from Pixel's Photokina catalogue.

Pixel King II: excerpt from Pixel Enterprise's Photokina 2012 catalogue

Following our quick comparison of the Pixel King II with the newly-released Hähnel Viper, we have got our hands on the full specifications of the King II TTL Trigger from Pixel’s Photokina catalogue.

Notably, there will be a Nikon version supporting group control just like the Canon version (contrasting with the Hähnel Viper, which is only available for Canon). This would make the King II for Nikon a worthwhile upgrade from the King I, which cannot adjust groups of flashes independently.Pixel King II: excerpt from Pixel Enterprise's Photokina 2012 catalogue

ModelKing II
Wireless SystemDigital FSK 2.4GHz
RangeUp to 100m
Channels15 fixed channels and 1 auto channel
Receiver OutputTTL hot shoe, cable sync port
PowerTransmitter: 2 AA batteries (300 hrs)
Receiver: 2 AA batteries (200 hrs)
Flash ModeE-TTL, TTL, M (for Canon)
i-TTL, TTL, M, Multi flash (for Nikon)
Supports setting flash exposure compensation for each group
Supports output light ratios
Sync Mode1st curtain, 2nd curtain, High Speed Sync, Red-eye reduction
Group Control3 groups (7 different combinations)
FunctionSupports flash zooming, focal length, Iso, shutter speed, FV lock and FP
Sync Speed1/8000 second
Firmware SupportUpgrade the device by downloading new firmware online

Thanks to Márk Korecz for this information.

The original Pixel King for Canon, Nikon and Sony is available now at around US$140 per kit (€150 in Europe). No price or release date has been announced yet for the Pixel King II.

How much would you pay for one? Or would you buy something else instead? Let us know in the comments below.

David Selby
Based in the West Midlands, UK, David Selby is editor of Lighting Rumours, a part-time photographer and a statistics PhD student.
  • starship

    great news. best of both worlds (-> odin/ST-E3). let´s hope, yongnu strikes back with (a firmware upgradeable) version of this concept.

    canon is loosing ground even with their new system.

    hopefully pixel makes this trigger fully compatible with a greater range of flashes.

  • Mark

    Any world on backwards compatibilty with the v1 kings?

    • David A. Selby

      No word on that. Pixel don’t have a good track record for backwards compatibility, though some of their triggers are sideways-compatible such as the King I and Opas.

      • Yes, the King II will be available with the King I version. Just got a confirmation from Pixel about that.

        So far, it’s not available, and they don’t know the release date yet. Once available, they will update us about the full specs.

  • Looks nice!
    Is there only a new Master or also new Receivers?

    • David A. Selby

      There will doubtless be new receivers as well. We haven’t seen what they look like but I reckon they are probably very similar to Hähnel Viper receivers.

  • Fishnose

    Now THAT is the functionality I want for my Nikon flashes.

  • I wonder if any of the Chinese OEMs will ever twig to the fact that there are brands besides Canon and Nikon…

  • If I understand the specs and all correctly, this product is a game changer. It will work with Nikon, it has the function of the ODIN/Pocketwizard for the most part, does high speed sync AND the most important part looks like it will come in cheaper than the ODIN. Financially not in the market to be adding anything for a spell, but these seem perfect for what I would like to use them for.

  • john

    This looks very promising. It looks easier/faster to select and adjust the individual groups than the Phottix Odin. It also has the hotshoe on top which the Odin doesn’t and on the PW FlexTT5 it’s taken up with the AC3.

    If I didn’t have the Odin’s already I’d gladly pay around $250 for the King II kit.

  • TrP

    Nice! I use my flashes in manual mode, but I’d like to control the flash exposure w/0 having to walk to each flash. I hope they are not $350 like the Odin. I hope the King I drop in price and the King II are $140.

  • The buttons on this unit suggest the interface might be interesting, with easy & easy access to the most commonly used features.

    That said, I do wonder how any Speedlight on the unit itself is managed, because it is not in the stack, as it is on the SU800.

    It is great to see this market niche heating up, and hopefully prices will increasingly reflect that.

  • Scott B.

    I’m guessing the flash on the Master while on the camera will be grouped together with “Unit A” ? David Selby; does anyone know if it will work with Nissin flashes ? Also David, does anyone know if the LCD back has a light, to work the unit in dark areas ? And what is the color of the LCD screen if it does light up ? And last, is “Pixel” not going to make the “N-TTL” unit for the older “King I” that a lot of us have already or do we just buy the new “King II” Master and hope it works with are older “King I” receivers ?

  • Good news,lets hope it isn’t have PW miss trigger and inaccurate issue

  • Hello David,

    I was very interested in purchasing triggers, so I wrote Pixel about the release date and price. The wrote:

    “Dear Louis,
    The estimated release date for King II is early January, 2013 and we are sorry that we have no price yet.

    We will announce the actual release date via our official website in due course. Please take note.

    Thanks and best regards!

    Pixel Enterprise Limited”

    • qwertyV

      is it for canon or nikon?

  • It looks very interesting, I wonder how it will work with the Yongnuo.

    • If the flash works on your camera it will work with the pixel king. The way they work is the trick the flash to make it thing its on your camera,

  • ZackDe

    I felt disapointed with Pixel King when they lied to NIKON users with their “FAIL KING”
    and how about this ? is it another lie from PIXEL Enterprise ?

  • Ricardo

    pixel II it will be compatible wit MK-flashes ??

  • Ricardo

    pixel II it will be compatible with MK-flashes ??

  • DK

    When is the King 2 going to issue out! I had wait for half year already omg!

    • qwertyV

      YES, I have this question too.

    • RK

      me too

  • dk

    I think it won’t release until this chrismax O god!

  • dk

    Wow today try to get in pixel website, seems like they are updating the web may be king 2 is coming out soon. I think many of us had been waiting over half a year, please do something…………

  • DK

    I see the word king 2 on the pixel home page but no spec or anything yet god!