Gami Light Box 21 and Square 43 review

We review the Gami Light Square 43 and Box 21, two new speedlight softboxes which fold flat in seconds.

Gami Light Square 43

Gami Light Concepts, a new Malaysian-based company, recently launched their debut products, the Square 43 and Box 21 speedlight softboxes. We have been sent a sample of each modifier to review.


Model BOX 21 SQUARE 43
Dimensions 21.5*15.5*15.5cm 43*43*18cm
Folded flat 29.5*18.5cm 43*43cm
Light loss ~1 stop ~1 stop

Both the Square 43 and Box 21 are manufactured from polypropylene. The inside of each softbox is silver and the outside black, with a white fabric diffuser that attaches to the front. Unlike most softboxes which are assembled in similar fashion to a tent or umbrella, Gami Lights work more like origami, popping up from flat in seconds.

So how do you fit such a contraption to your speedlight? Dispensing with heavy speedrings or brackets, Gami Lights use a special accessory fitting directly to your flash head, with the softbox attaching to this via press studs.

Gami Light mounting accessory

The Square 43 pops up into a reasonably large softbox and the mounting accessory has no trouble keeping it attached to your flash, even when pointing it straight down. Here’s the Square 43 in its folded state…

Gami Light Square 43 folded flat

and here it is assembled…

Gami Light Square 43

From its flat state, you pop the snap buttons to open it up, place it in the diffusion cloth which holds it all together. This is then pressed onto the snap buttons on the mount which is placed on the head of your flash.

A quick self portrait, handheld, with the Square 43 half a foot from my face.

Whilst both these modifiers are good for general use, the Box 21’s size is very useful for macro and product photography. You can put them in any space to create the perfect specular highlights, while bringing them in close for maximum softness, brightness and lack of spill. Here is the Box 21 folded flat:

Gami Light Box 21 folded flat

And here are some tabletop product shots taken with the Box 21:

Sample shot taken with the Box 21

The cupcake is rendered with a beautiful soft light. When taking the following gear shot, it was easy to prevent background spill by bringing the Box 21 in very close.

Sample shot taken with the Box 21



  • Small and foldable
  • Easy to travel with


  • Can be fiddly to set up

Gami Lights are available from Gadget Infinity (HK), Midwest Photo Exchange (US), EnjoyYourCamera (DE), Kaffebrus (SE) and Tecra (HK). The Square 43 is priced around US$50. For the relatively low price we think these are wonderful for the budding amateur looking to play with off-camera light, or even for professional photographers seeking extra modifiers for their arsenal.

More information on Gami Lights can be found on their web site.

David Monteith-Hodge
David Monteith-Hodge is an Edinburgh-based photographer.