Gear Type: Continuous lighting

Aputure Amaran Halo LED ring flash

Some ring lights are continuous LED light sources while others have Xenon flash tubes. The new Amaran Halo from Aputure is sort of both and neither.

Jinbei’s S-fit Sun LED uses 90% less energy

The Jinbei EF-100 LED is equivalent in output to a 1000W tungsten lamp but only uses 100W – better for the environment, safety and your energy bill. It has a Bowens S-fit accessory mount for use with existing photographic light modifiers.

Westcott Ice Light to meet a warm or icy reception?

March 2012 will see the release of the Ice Light, a mysterious new product from Westcott. Designed by Jerry Ghionis, the marketeers describe it as “the first ever wraparound handheld LED daylight light source”.

Aputure Amaran: Perfect LED Lighting Solution?

Aputure sent us some samples of their latest Amaran LED lamps to evaluate. The Amaran AL-198 is a battery-powered lamp with 198 LEDs and adjustable intensity. The AL-198A adds the ability to “zoom” or adjust the beam angle of the emitted light.

Ringlight mania for video

Eduardo Frances looks at some of the ring-shaped continuous lighting available to photographers and videographers in Europe.

Bounce Hybrid LED Panel for Speedlites

Dot Line Corp, an American company, have started selling an accessory called the DL-SL60 Bounce Hybrid Light Panel. So what actually is it? Well, something that’s quite wacky but at the same time rather clever.