Gear Type: Continuous lighting

Elinchrom zoom into continuous lighting

Not long after Profoto brought out their ProDaylight and ProTungsten luminaires, another major European flash manufacturer, Elinchrom, have jumped on the zooming continuous lighting bandwagon.

Studio lighting is LED in a new direction

An emerging Chinese company, Mmbel, have unveiled a new format of flash units they describe as a “breakthough in digital studio lighting technology [that] will change photography forever!”

ProLite introduce 144VC and 312VC LED lamps

Polish seller have introduced the ProLite LED-312VC and LED-144VC, two new continuous LED lamps with adjustable colour temperature from 3200K to 5600K.

‘Digital Light’ to make colour correction gels obsolete

Digital light, a concept based on producing light from sequences of rapid RGB blinks, is set to create “the next generation of photographic lights” for digital video and photography, says Morten Hjerde of Light Thinking Labs.