Godox resolves AD100Pro battery issues

Battery fitment issues were only present in pre-production AD100Pro samples, says Godox. Problems have been solved in production.

Godox VB26 and WB100

In our earlier article we addressed the issues concerning the battery compatibility of the Godox Witstro AD100Pro. During our testing we attempted to insert a battery from the Godox V1 (named VB26) into the AD100Pro since they should be interchangeable. We quickly found out that this was not the case, since the VB26 was slightly bigger than the standard WB100 battery. This meant that that it got stuck inside the AD100Pro and took us quite some time and effort to get it out.

Godox has now reported that the problem has since been resolved. Earlier production models (which many reviewers received) had some slight tolerance issues which meant that the battery slot was smaller than intended. This minimum deviation meant that the VB26 battery did indeed would get stuck when inserted into the AD100Pro.

If you have an early model of the AD100Pro, be careful when inserting the VB26 for the first time. For all other AD100Pro users the VB26 and WB100 batteries are indeed interchangeable.