Godox AD400 Pro announced: a smaller, lighter Witstro monolight

Godox has announced the Witstro AD400 Pro, a smaller, lighter version of their flagship AD600 Pro portable flash.

It seems that Godox filling all the gaps in their product line with the announcement of their latest flash, the AD400 Pro.

As the name suggests the AD400 is a smaller variant of the AD600 Pro with 400 Ws of power instead of the 600 Ws that is found in the AD600 Pro. Although initially it might seem that the AD400 and the AD600 are very similar in shape due to the similar design, this is fortunately not the case. The AD400 is significantly smaller and lighter (1 kg less) than its bigger brother.

The lithium-ion powered AD400 Pro includes all the features that are found in the AD600 Pro but then in a smaller package, meaning that the strobe supports TTL and HSS for all popular camera brands (Canon, Nikon, Sony, M43 and Fujifilm) with the use of Godox’ X1 or X-Pro triggers.

Godox listened to the complaints about the AD600 and the AD200 and created a model in between the two existing strobes. A slimmed down version of the AD600 Pro, but still with a Godox mount, 30 watt LED modeling light and stable color temperature mode.

Like all other portable strobes from Godox, the AD400 is powered by a lithium-ion battery of 21.6V and 2600 mAh, which should last for 390 full power flashes with a recycle time of 0.9 seconds. Unfortunately the battery is not the same that is found on the AD600. In order to reduce reduce the overall weight and size of the strobe a slightly smaller battery has been chosen.

Albeit standard a removeable Bowens S-type mount is included with the device, users might want to opt for the Godox mount instead. The Godox mount is significantly smaller than the Bowens mount meaning that the form factor can be slightly reduced.

Like other strobes from Godox a range of accessories will be available for the AD400 at launch. These include grids, snoots, gels and others. Besides the commonly found accessories Godox will also sell a Profoto and Broncolor adaptor.

It might be still to early to say, but considering the reputation of Godox and their ecosystem the AD400 has the potential to be a very succesfull product. The AD400 Pro will start shipping in August, price is still to be confirmed but logically we can expect it to be priced between the AD200 and AD400. What do you think of the AD400? Please let us know in the comments!