Godox add more power to ThinkLite TT560

Godox have released a new manual speedlight, the TT560, a higher-powered version of the TT520. It is also known as the Walimex Pro Manual Speedlite.

Godox ThinkLite TT560 controls

Godox ThinkLite TT560

Hong Kong: Godox, the flash manufacturer, have added to their ThinkLite TT520 with a new, higher-powered model called the ThinkLite TT560. The latest unit is identical to the original ThinkLite except for the flash guide number, which has been boosted from 33 to 38.

Godox ThinkLite TT560 controls

The TT series shares some similarities with Yongnuo’s YN460 and YN460-II manual off-camera flashgun range, but has a different control interface and offers adjustment all the way down to 1/128 power (compared to 1/64 on Yongnuo).


Guide Number 38
Flash Modes M, S1, S2
Tilt 0 – 90°
Swivel 0 – 270°
Power Source 4 * AA batteries
Recycle Time 0.5 – 5s
Output Full, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64, 1/128
Colour Temperature 5600K +/-200K
Flash Duration 1/800 ~ 1/2000s
Dimensions 190 * 75 * 55mm
Net Weight 286g

Godox ThinkLite TT560

Further reading

Around the web there are already some South Korean user reviews of the TT560 speedlight, including a detailed written evaluation and the following video demonstration:

Where to buy

The Godox ThinkLite TT560 is available on eBay for US$58.00. It is also sold in Europe under the Walimex pro brand for €79.99.

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