Godox launches Audio Business Unit

Lighting manufacturers including Godox, Pixel, Commlite and Yongnuo sound out a new customer base.

Godox VD-Mic microphone

Godox has launched an ‘audio business unit’ to promote its new range of microphones.

Though it is not the first lighting manufacturer to diversify into sound recording, it appears that the Chinese photo equipment companies have recently increased their audio focus. What started as a few ancillary offerings—sometimes of questionable quality—has grown more competitive and targeted at a more professional level of users. As well as Godox, lighting makers that have branched out into audio include Commlite, Pixel and Yongnuo.

The new Godox unit has announced the release of three audio products. The first one is a compact directional shotgun microphone called the VD-Mic. This is a lightweight and compact directional microphone designed to be placed on top of your camera, aimed at vlogging, live streaming and general video production. The Godox WMicS1 is a compact wireless microphone system, with transmitter and receiver that operate on ultra-high frequency (UHF) signals. Accompanying this system is the newly-announced WH-M1, a handheld microphone with wireless capabilities built in.

WMicS1 is priced $179 for a one-person kit or $249 for a two-person kit, with extra transmitters and receivers available separately for around $100. The WH-M1 will be $129. Pre-order now at Adorama, B&H or AliExpress.

Godox WMicS1 microphone system

From other companies, we notice that Pixel Enterprise—known for their flash triggers—have introduced the M80 shotgun microphone. Commlite has created a whole sub-brand of audio products called Comica and Yongnuo has introduced the YN220 and YN221 miniature microphones. These are just a few examples of formerly stills-orientated photography manufacturers broadening their range of products to include dedicated video production equipment, alongside LED lighting.

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