Godox BT5800 high-capacity battery now available on eBay

The Godox BT5800 is a flash battery pack, a portable power source for LED lights and USB charger, and it can be yours for $98.

Godox BT5800

The Godox BT5800, a replacement battery module for the PB960 high-voltage power pack system, is now available on eBay for just under $100.

The lithium-ion battery pack, which can also be used as a USB power bank, or to power LED lights directly, was previously available from Adorama under the Flashpoint Blast Pack Battery Plus brand. Now you can order the OEM-branded Godox BT5800 from certain eBay sellers for $98. Click here for listings.

Godox BT5800

For more information on the Godox BT5800, see our original announcement article.

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