New Godox flashes roundup 2020

In case you missed it: the new flashes announced by Godox over the past year.

Godox Witstro AD600Pro

While Lighting Rumours lay in hibernation, manufacturers did not sit still. In the coming weeks, we will try to recap what has happened and briefly discuss the most significant releases from the last year or so. Chances are, you might have already seen this information elsewhere, but other parts you may have missed or want to review. Today we discuss the changes in the speedlight and strobe line-up of Godox.

More Godox Witstro models

Without a doubt the most significant change is the introduction of new flashes that fit within the Godox Witstro AD series. Besides the earlier 200Ws, 400Ws and 600Ws models, there are now also 300Ws and 1200Ws variants.

The new AD300Pro seems to have been created as a direct rival to the Profoto B10, with similar form factor and nearly identical specs. At 300Ws, the AD300Pro is only a third of a stop less powerful than the AD400Pro, but the most significant difference is in the form factor. Whereas the AD400Pro looks like a smaller version of the AD600, the AD300Pro head is round, designed around the smaller Godox (vs. Bowens) accessory mount.

Though the AD300Pro is a welcome addition to the Witstro lineup, it might hardly be considered a game-changer, falling in between the existing AD200, AD400 and AD600 models. In a way, it is more of the same. The AD1200Pro, however, is quite different. With 1200 Ws of flash energy, it is Godox’s most powerful battery-powered strobe. It is also the first Witstro-series product with a pack-and-head configuration*. This means, for instance, that you can swap the standard head for a ring flash variant (called the R1200).

*and the first pack and head by Godox since their XExpert series back in 2015

Godox AD1200Pro

Godox X2 trigger

Godox also released a new wireless flash trigger, an updated version of the X1. This new 2.4GHz remote provides the same functionality that we can find in the Xpro commander, but now in the shape of an X1, with its pass-through hotshoe. Compared to the X1, the X2 has a more intuitive menu structure, with easier access to wireless groups, and a better display.

Godox X2T-N

Round head flashes

We already mentioned the release of the Godox V1 in another article on Lighting Rumours, having showed you a preview at Photokina, but this speedlight has been released for quite a while now. Like the Godox V860, the V1 has a lithium-ion battery but now features a round head.

The Godox S-bracket (Bowens adapter) also has been updated as result of the new flashes with round heads. This new version, the S2, has the ability to fit round flashes and several other design improvements have been included as well. 

Godox V1

Going ‘Pro’

Both AD200 and AD600 were given a refresh and are now also available in ‘Pro’-variants, the AD200Pro and AD600Pro, respectively. The main differences between the non-Pro and Pro variants are: more precise power adjustments; better colour consistency; faster recycling times; and a better casing.

Godox AD200Pro

Affordable mains-powered strobes

Although most people are more interested in Godox’s battery-powered models, the new MS series is still very interesting. At $95, the MS200 monolight is extremely good value for money since it still features a integrated 2.4GHz receiver. Besides the 200Ws MS200 model, a 300Ws model is also available, called the MS300.

As well as the MS series, Godox has announced a new edition of the ‘Digital Pioneer’ DP-series, called the DPIII. These are available in higher power ranges (400, 600, 800 and 1000Ws) but still very affordable. The main changes compared to the older DPII models are: the minimum power has been reduced (1/16 to 1/64) and they improved the recycle time (now 1 second for all models).

Godox MS300

You can clearly see that Godox has not sat still, but further strengthened their lineup. In a future article we will discuss the changes to Godox’s range of continuous lighting. In the meantime: have we missed any releases from other brands? Please let us know in the comments!