Godox launch the Ving 860C, a TTL Li-on camera flash for Canon

Following hot on the heels of the Godox V850, the world's first lithium flashgun, comes the V860C with E-TTL control.

Godox Ving V860

Following hot on the heels of the much-vaunted Godox V850 lithium battery-powered hot shoe flash comes the V860C, incorporating TTL for Canon users.

Users of the V850 will be familiar with the layout. Similarly, with high speed flash sync (HSS) capabilities of up to 1/8000s and the powerful Li-on battery being maintained, providing a constant recycling time of 1.5s at maximum power and up to 650 full power pops per charge. Thereby reducing the need for numerous spare AA batteries and additional power packs.

However, this new model provides full TTL functions for Canon users. Supporting Flash Exposure Compensation (FEC), Flash Exposure Bracketing (FEB), Flash Exposure Lock (FE), rear curtain sync (also known as second curtain sync), modelling flash, and control with the camera’s own menu screen.

Godox Ving V860

E-TTL II auto flash ensures accurate TTL exposure for the Canon EOS DSLR user.

Both master and slave functions are catered for. The V860C can be set as a master flash to trigger Canon speed lights, such as the 600EX-RT and 580EX II in TTL mode or via manual mode, allowing the user to fully set or tweak the parameters. As a slave flash, it receives the wireless commands of the Canon camera, such as the 7D and 70D bodies along with the Canon speed lights.

The Ving 860C provides a powerful 58GN output (m, Iso-100 at 105mm) whilst supporting all modes, from TTL, manual, multi and both slaves. It incorporates an auto and manual zoom range from 24 to 105mm, with correct auto-focus assist. The zoom range can be widened by the use of modifiers.

Lastly, the Ving 860C has a built-in USB port to allow for firmware and custom function updates.

This latest Godox flash unit appears to be a potential game changer, providing the Canon flash user the maximum flexibility, portability and power from a hot shoe mounted flash. It reduces the burden of numerous AA battery changes, and allows wireless TTL or manual settings to be used on or off camera.

For more information visit the Godox web site.