Godox portable battery inverter LP750X released

Godox has released a new 750-watt battery inverter called the Leadpower LP750X, for powering AC strobes away from the mains.

The Leadpower LP750X is Godox’s newest battery inverter.

It is the successor to the modular LP450X/800X and the even older LP750, becoming the third generation of battery inverters for Godox. Compared to these older inverters, the performance of the LP750X has not changed significantly. As with the Leadpower LP800X, the new generator is rated for 750W continuous output power and for 1400W peak power. Again, like older models it also provides a pure sine wave output.

While performance might be identical to the older model, the form factor and battery capacity has changed. Godox managed to increase the battery capacity by 25% while reducing the overall size significantly (172×178×293mm for the LP750X against 267×206×292mm for the LP800X).

It is a fair question to ask: who would still buy a inverter for their strobes? Inverters are big, bulky and not exactly cheap. At $999 the LP750X has a comparable price to the AD600Pro, which also features a battery, and has the additional advantage that everything is contained in a single head. At 6.96 kilograms the LP750X is more than double the weight of a AD600Pro, so the inverter is certainly not the most portable option.

The product photos featured in this article are from the PiXAPRO PowerGenerator 800 II LiFePO4 Battery Inverter, which is a rebranded Godox LP750X. At the moment of writing Godox did not have high resolution product photos available. Besides the print text on the body, the Godox looks identical to the PiXAPRO.

I think Godox also realized that the market for inverters for photographers is not very big anymore. On the product page Godox does mention that the LP750X can be used to “power Godox lighting gears like the VL150, UL150, FL150 and so on” but it doesn’t seem like this is the main purpose of the inverter. Much more attention is drawn on the fact that it can be used as a back-up battery. They list its applications as “Office Equipment, Household Appliances, Camping and Outdoor Party”.

What do you think of this new release from Godox? Are battery inverters still interesting enough to improve, or did they become obsolete with the introduction of battery powered strobes? Let us know in the comments.