Godox QT-600II ‘Quicker’ monolight available now

Godox's super high-speed studio flash head, the 'Quicker' QT-600 Mark II, is now on sale.

The Mark II version of the Godox QT600 studio flash, announced back in February, is now on sale in 220V. Godox says the 110V version will be available at the end of this month.

The Godox QT series is designed with the intention to be ‘Quicker’ compared to other studio flashes, meaning that this high-speed flash features fast recycle times (0.9 seconds at 1/1) and short flash durations (1/316 to 1/28984 s).

QT600II 01

QT600II 04

In this new version we see that a 2.4 GHz receiver is integrated inside the strobe. By using a Godox X1 trigger, or the new XT32 controller, it is possible to adjust the power remotely and fire the strobe in either manual or multi mode. Compared to the old version we also now see the addition of a HSS mode, meaning that the flash can be used at shutter speeds up to 1/8000 second.

QT600II 02

The Godox QT600II is available for $599 on eBay.